Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-11-30 18:29:06

Nothing is worse than not being able to get a ride when you really need it. GrabTaxi’s new feature, Flash, is designed to help you get a ride quicker by breaking the boundaries between taxis and private cars available on their platform. 

The Flash feature, which will be made available on the app to all users by the first half December, is accessible through a lightning bolt button on the app’s map. By searching for a ride from both taxis and GrabCars, it opens up a much larger pool of drivers. It was recently revealed that GrabTaxi currently has more than 22,000 drivers on its network, one of the largest in Singapore.

This new feature also means one thing — that GrabTaxi is officially providing a platform for both taxis and private cars to compete. While users who have a preference to one or the other are still able to make a choice, Flash will pit taxi drivers against normal drivers to bid for the same job, potentially increasing the competitiveness for all GrabTaxi drivers. 

Grabtaxi Anthony Tan

This new feature comes with a series of app updates. This includes a Passenger Hub, which allows you to sort out your receipts for personal or corporate claims, view your ride history, and download consolidated booking e-receipts; in-app customer support where you can submit a customer request/feedback directly through the app, and notifications of the latest promo codes that will be saved in your app inbox.

[Editor’s Note: Changes have been made to this article to clarify that the updates stated are all separate features.]

GrabTaxi app users may also notice that feedback is now mandatory once the journey is over. This feature is perhaps not executed the best way, especially if users don’t check their app once they get on their ride, since they will be faced with the feedback screen before they can book their next ride, which may be some time later.

To be sure that you have all the latest features, make sure that your GrabTaxi app is updated to the latest version.

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