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Upscale Fashion brand Zara is set to launch in Cebu, Philippines.

On March 14, the brand will open a high-end 2,113 square meter space fashion store in Cebu, Central Philippines. Women’s, Men’s, and Kid’s summer fashion collections are amongst to be displayed on its launch date.

Of course, clothes are not the only stylish products to look forward to on Zara’s opening day, but also the store front itself. With beauty and simplicity as its theme, the brand will try to highlight its products and clothings. This, according to Zara, will emphasize contact between the items and the brand’s customers.

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Traditionally, majority of Zara stores are owned by the brand itself.

In the Philippines, however, Stores Specialists Inc is appointed as the official distributor of the brand. This is because government laws forbid 100% foreign ownership of any businesses in the country. Right now, all of Zara’s stores are in Metro Manila’s upscale shopping malls such as Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and TrinoMa Mall in Quezon City. This clearly shows that Zara knows its market well, and that they can also be found in the country.

Zara is unlike most other fashion brands in the world.

While major brands in the industry rely on fashion shows and trends predictions, Zara studies its customer behavior to find what they want. Because of this, the brand is able to produce and offer the market almost 11,000 products compared to an average of 4,000 products from its competitors. As an integrated retailer, the brand owns most of the steps in its supply chain, from design to distribution. This is one of the reasons why the company can produce that many fashion items, pushing products to the market within a short period of time.

Zara has a network of 1,752 stores in upscale locations in the world’s largest cities, including Manila.

Most of Zara’s fashion items are manufactured in Europe, something that some of its competitors don’t do anymore, as they already move most of its manufacturing to China. It will be interesting to find out if the brand does the same thing in countries such as the Philippines, and if its offerings in Cebu will be a hit, something we will definitely look out for!

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