Google has introduced Google Primer, an app which will help the startup owners to handle their business much more efficiently.

Faiz A Faiz  |  Singapore
Published 2014-10-20 11:00:50

Going by the numbers, no less than 11% of the startups fail due to lack of market insight and bad handling of advertising budgets. And when Google is our saviour in practically every walk of the life, how can they not rescue aspiring startup owners from this tragedy? Google has introduced Google Primer, an app which will help the startup owners to handle their business much more efficiently. As weird as it may sound, the app is only available on iOS, with its Android version coming soon!

Google Primer Official Site
Google Primer Official Site

According to the official Google Primer website:

“Primer is a no-nonsense, jargon-free app designed specifically for busy startups. Our marketing lessons take 5 minutes or less and use real world experience. With case studies, insider tips and interactive quizzes, Primer teaches you how to promote your business, get more customers and avoid common mistakes.”

Presently, the topics covered have great relevance and variety. Topics which are very important to startups, like search engine optimization (SEO), link building, media coverage, public relation handling, and press releases are covered in details using 5 minutes video lessons. The app works offline so you can study these even when you don’t have an internet connection. According to Techcrunch, Google says that they have partnered with industry experts to bring these lessons to the users, and are also planning to have lessons with greater detail in the near future.

Google Primer at Work (Image:tnwcdn.com)
Google Primer at Work (Image Credit: tnwcdn.com)

The impact of this app should be great and beneficial for the startup business owners. While managing your own startup is when you are most pressed for time (after all, time is money), taking out 5 minutes while relaxing isn’t that difficult. SEO is the way to get traffic online and the experts in these fields are highly priced, often far beyond the advertisement budget of startups, and the rookie SEO professional can only cause more harm than good. There is also those fishy SEO experts that can take you for a ride without you realising it. Knowing the basics will help the start up owners handle their own matters.

It is also significant because it came from Google, the company which single-handedly operates 10% of the whole internet activity. With Google Adwords being the most sought after source of paid traffic and Google Search likewise for natural traffic, there is no denying that learning what Google has to offer will be beneficial for all.

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