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Uber is an app currently tearing apart the local taxi industry, offering an affordable (mostly) way to get around Singapore through private hire cars. Its convenience has made this service an almost indispensable part of daily life for some people.

Family Profiles


If you have been an active Uber user, you would have came across, and even used, a feature called Family Profiles. It lets you group your contacts together- friends and family, and at the end of each ride made by anyone using this group, the creator will be billed.

This is great for families to help children and elderly parents get around. If you often share rides with friends or colleagues, this feature is great for the times when you take turns to pay for the each others’ rides.

Keeping Tabs On Your Group


With the latest app update though, Uber just upped the creep factor by one notch. Now you, or anyone else who is in charge of a Family Profile, can track the movements of anyone taking an Uber ride under that group profile in real time.

Dubbed ‘Trip Tracker‘, Uber says that this is about “ensuring your loved ones are taken care of when you’re not together extends beyond just covering the cost of a ride.”


Trip Tracker allows you to find out the time your group member was picked up, which route the Uber car is going by, and when they have arrived at their destination.

When a group member hops on a ride with Uber under your Family Profile, you will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone with all their trip details. Then, follow the trip’s progress live on a map within your own Uber app. Lastly, as with any Family Profile, the total cost of the Uber ride is automatically billed to you and you will both receive a copy of the receipt.

If you have already updated your Uber app in the last 24 hours, Trip Tracker is now in your hands. It is a worldwide update that was pushed out, so happy stalki-… I mean, ensuring the safety of the ones you love.

Image Credits: Uber

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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