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Singapore shows no signs of slowing down, and thus the startup market has been bigger than ever in recent years.

Here at Vulcan Post, we often cover new and upcoming startups, but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to just pick the best ones, but hopefully we managed to pick some pretty intriguing ones here:

1. Carbonate

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To ensure that your company runs smoothly, there are always procedures – from scheduling, leave management, payroll and even ensuring your employees remain happy.

Carbonate is an easy to use software that reduces the workload that is required to schedule your employees work hours, process employees leave applications, manage their payroll and provide them benefits that would keep them happy at your organisation. It’s a massive time saving option for all SME’s as it organises schedules and allows companies to get better attendance records with all their employee availability information online.

“We believe that for all companies, especially SME’s, the company is only as strong as the bond between the staff within them. Hence, we have built our product to ensure both the employees and the company can benefit from their HR software”, says their co-founder Murtuza Topiwalla.

2. Cafebond

FireShot Capture 83 - Cafebond.com - https___www.cafebond.com_

When you think of coffee, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be Starbucks. However, the duo behind this startup plans to change that with their e-commerce site Cafebond.com, which brings the specialty coffee beans of Melbourne’s renowned cafes to the doorsteps of connoisseurs in Singapore.

“As the coffee scene here matures, and with the convenience and accessibility that we offer, there may be new customers who switch from just cafe- hopping to buying beans for home use” says creator Keyis Ng. The web and mobile platform is aimed to connect coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world, allowing for a chance to taste and buy unique coffee beans in one easy check-out process.

 3. UgotCrush

FireShot Capture 86 - ugotcrush - http___www.ugotcrush.com_

The age old question: “Should I tell them?” is possibly one of the most anxiety ridden questions that can be asked in our social lives. UgotCrush basically does what all of your friends fail to do when they tell your crush that you like them – it keeps you anonymous. The app not only lets you confess to your crush anonymously but also helps you find out who your secrets admirers are within your existing social circle.

Almost like blind dating, the anonymous matching and chat functions allows you to find out your compatibility with each other without the risk of real life rejection.

4. Freeboh Innovations

FireShot Capture 84 - Freeboh-Shift-based jobs in Singapore. Works for m_ - https___www.freeboh.com_

When you live in a city that was ranked “Most expensive city to live in” 3 years in a row, earning those few extra dollars could help you go a long way. For those out there who are still in school and would like to earn some part time money, Freeboh Innovations has started to become a leading integrated shift-based jobs marketplace where work fits real life in just a few clicks.

It’s as simple as searching for what you want, finding the shift that suits you and Freeboh getting back to you with a full scheduled diary. Whether it’s part time or full time, Freeboh has your back, offering dozens of job opportunities to choose from all in one place.

5. SportsHero

FireShot Capture 79 - SportsHero - Predict Matches. Challenge Friends. Ge_ - http___sportshero.mobi_

Compete with others as you watch your favourite teams compete, SportsHero is a gamified social sports prediction platform where users can predict, interact and compete on all major sports virtually and in real-time.

Fans can interact with fellow sports fans on the SportsHero network in a number of ways to make any game more interesting and competitive. Top-ranked sports fans are included on its leader board, and they are eligible to win daily, weekly and monthly prizes in conjunction with its brand partners.

 6. Evida Smarthomes 

FireShot Capture 77 - eVida SmartHome - Z-Wave Home Automation - http___evida.com.sg_

“Pack your home into a phone” is the motto for this company, as it offers a smooth fusion between technology (e) and life (Vida) which they seek to deliver as part of their Smarthome solutions.

eVida designs personalised smart home solutions through the conscientious deployment of smart controllers, sensors and actuators, coupled with customised smart logic programming to provide the home owner with unrivalled convenience and protection, as well as energy saving technology. Through wireless app control as well as sensory technology, HBDs, Condos, Landed Properties can all benefit from Evida.


FireShot Capture 76 - Trax - Real Time Retail Execution Solutions - http___www.traxretail.com_

A possible game changer in the retail industry, TRAX provides a more accurate, consistent and reliable way to understand how consumer goods are performing in the marketplace, in real time. It is first to introduce real-time image recognition analysis to the retail industry.All it takes is a picture of the shelf to produce a full shelf analysis, actionable mobile reports from sales reps for immediate corrective action in the store and same-day web reports are made available to management teams online.

Although half of the year of 2016 is already gone, there is still a lot more waiting in store. It’s safe to say that the Singapore startup scene is introducing bigger and better things. Whether it’s by innovation or improvement, there will always be something to bring to the table.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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