Finding a suitable financial advisor at FundMyLife is as easy as falling off a bicycle if you have terrible foot-eye coordination.

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2016-06-14 14:17:09

Financial planning is never too early – yes, even when you’re an intern or a young working adult slogging away at your first proper job out of school. If you regularly read blogs like MoneySmart, and The New Savvy, you would know that – more often than not – smarter financial decisions can lead to better lives.

Keeping in check with your credit score, having an ample emergency fund, paying off your colossal car or mortgage loan, not getting swept away by mindless wants and focusing on your long-term goals – you get the picture.

Image credit: FundMyLife
Image credit: FundMyLife

Enter FundMyLife

Odds are, you want to start. You even have a game plan all mapped out. But just looking at the financial buzz words on the brochure and internet is enough to make you sigh and click the X button. You’re not doing anything wrong – not everyone has a knack for financial planning, after all.

Let FundMyLife do the grunt work for you.

The premise of the web marketplace is simple – create a profile, input your personal particulars, and write a short paragraph about your ideal financial plan. Next up, all you have to do is review the database of financial advisors and read up on their reviews.

FundMyLife financial advisors
Image credit: FundMyLife

Less Icky, More Assurance

Once you find a fit, click on the message button on the financial advisor’s profile and they’ll contact you with more details. The process is as easy as an amateur rider with terrible foot-eye coordination falling off a bicycle.

Just like how self-employed professionals go to Upwork to find freelance stints, financial advisors can take advantage of FundMyLife to look for more leads and build their personal brand. There are also pictures and reviews on each financial agent’s profile. This way, they can leverage on the features to make their best impression online.

FunMyLife financial agents Singapore
Image credit: FundMyLife

Just a Click Away

FundMyLife may be in its beta stage, but it’s slowly building its professional reputation in the finance consulting market. It bolsters our confidence to know that there’s a personal touch to the site; this goes to show that not all money matters have to be aloof and strictly conventional.

I daresay this is one of the hottest startups to watch in 2016.

Take charge of your life and find The One to map out your financial journey at FundMyLife.

Featured image credit: FundMyLife

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