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We Singaporeans are a busy bunch. A lot of our time is spent working and studying – we wish we had more time to stop and smell the roses, and pay more attention to the little things that matter. A minute saved from doing something menial, could mean a minute better spent.

Today, we have 3 digital hacks that hope to help you do just that. These tips require little effort, and best of all – all you need is the smart phone that you have in your hands.

1 – Fastrack to Your Next Cup of Coffee

Picture this: You’re barely awake in the morning and are rushing to work. Or you just had a really heavy lunch with your colleagues but dread the impending food coma when you return to work. What do you do? Grab that quick cuppa for the immediate caffeine boost.

However, you know most people probably have the same idea, and the thought of long waiting times and snaking queues is enough to put you in a bad mood. You wish there was an app that allowed you to order on-the-go from your favourite coffee place.

Introducing DBS FasTrack – a business solution that provides automated ordering and payment capabilities for F&B companies. Those of us who work in the CBD would be familiar with coffee & tea outlet Old Tea Hut. They serve drinks that are really good value for money, but frustrate customers with their really long queues.

Most of us would have experienced heading down to an outlet, squinting at the tiny text of the menu behind the counter, waiting in line to order, and then waiting in line again to pick up our drinks.

With DBS FasTrack powering Old Tea Hut’s app, you can now see the full menu with ease on your smartphone, complete with images of all your favourite food and drinks.

You can also easily order and pay through the app using any POSB and DBS cards.


Aside from choosing your favourite drink, the app also lets you customise your order. Healthier choices too are now a tap away. Less sugar, less milk, more ice, and many more options, all divided into a simple icon menu.

The app also gives you an estimated time of collection for your drinks after payment is made. Make sure you are able to reach the store on the double though. What this means is an ordering experience that removes convoluted steps that commonly causes confusion – like messed up drinks orders – and at the same time, eliminates the need to queue at all. Just appear at the outlet at the stated timing, collect and go.

2 – Get Notified With SMS ‘Q’

With the convergence of internet banking on our computers, and banking apps on our mobile phones, we now have the ability to access our accounts anywhere, at any time.

While the convenience of internet banking does have its merits, there will still be times when we need to head down to a bank branch.

Which leads us to think, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to avoid queuing completely?


DBS SMS “Q” system now makes it much more convenient should you need to get some paperwork done at any DBS/POSB bank branch.

All you need to do is send an SMS to the bank branch’s specific number. You will subsequently receive a text stating the number of people ahead of you in the queue, and another notification when it’s your turn. Check out the full list of numbers for all the individual branches over at DBS’ website here: https://www.dbs.com.sg/personal/deposits/bank-with-ease/sms-q

Now you can save time and run other errands while queuing remotely and waiting for your turn! You no longer have to be physically present at the bank branch.

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3 – Tap And Go With Contactless Payments

You must have seen the ads for Visa Paywave and Mastercard Paypass that have been airing in movie theatres and television for the longest time. But have you seen this one?

With DBS/POSB cards, you are now able to make payment at merchants even if you do not have any cash in your wallets.

With several hawker centres going cashless, and supermarkets increasingly pushing for more self-service counters at checkouts. Contactless payments are now more common than ever, and in a prime position to be the go-to mode of payment. Your favourite pair of slim-fit jeans will now look so much better without that wallet bulge.

And it’s not just cards. With the availability of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay now in Singapore, you are able to pay with your smartphones too! With them, a whole new shopping experience is now at your fingertips, literally.


So here it is – the three hacks we feel are extremely easy to adopt, disrupting the way we go about our usual routines. And at the centre of them all – our smart phones. We are now able to plan our meals, get our banking errands done, and pay for goods and services on the go. Start living up life now with your new-found time!

Brought to you by DBS, named recently by leading finance publication, Euromoney, as the “World’s Best Digital Bank” and “Best Bank in Asia”.


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