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Anyone can start a blog, but it takes a true writer to create a website that readers will come back to, time and time again. No matter how good a writer you are, though, you’ll never get those readers by just plugging away and hoping for the best. To truly deliver your best work, you’re going to need some tools at your disposal. These 10 tools will help you write engaging content that readers will love.

1. Readability Test Tool


To get readers, you need to aim at the right market. If your blogs aren’t hitting the spot, try running them through this tool. It tells you who your audience is, as put against several readability scales, helping you amend your writing as needed. You’ll find your writing will increase drastically after just a few uses of this tool.

2. Ilys


One of the worst things about writing is the nagging feeling that you need to go back and change things as you go. However, this isn’t productive and can actually make things worse. This tool forces you to write without looking back, and will help you get more productive, easily. Before long, you won’t even miss having the internet on in the background as you get everything done.

3. BoomEssays


Do you need help in hitting all of your deadlines on time? This writing service knows how difficult it can be when you have piles of pieces due at the same time. Give them the details for what you need written, and they will deliver something truly great for use wherever you need it most.

4. 750 Words


Every writer knows that practice makes perfect, and no writer can improve unless they’re writing each and every day. This tool rewards you for putting your fingers to keyboard every day, making it perfect for anyone who needs a goal to work towards. Write about whatever’s on your mind, and get it out of the way before you start writing for the day.

5. Unsuck It


Is jargon sneaking its way into your writing? Start removing it with this tool. Simply put your writing through it, and it will highlight every instance of jargon, making it easier for you to remove them all in one fell swoop.

6. Calmly Writer


It’s easy to leave the internet on in the background, thinking you’ll need it for research, or to keep in touch while you’re writing. However, all it will do is distract you and destroy your productivity. Instead, use this text editor to avoid distractions and get the job done.

7. Essayroo


Need help editing your blogs and content? The writers at this Australian site can help. Send your drafts to them, and they can turn their trained eye to it. They’ll proofread and edit it, and send back your work looking its best. When you need assistance and you’re tight on time, they can be the best option for you.

8. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


The headline is the most important part of your blog, as it’s what will draw readers in and sets up the tone for the rest of the blog. This tool goes into great detail on the quality of your headline, including a grammar score, tips on what kind of words to include, and even a Google preview.

9. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator


Struggling for ideas? This tool may have the answer. Simply put in the topic you want to write about, and it will give you a whole week’s worth of headlines to work with. Maybe you’ll even think up new ideas off the back of that one! Never get writer’s block again.

10. Idea Flip


For bloggers who work as a team, this is an invaluable tool. It helps you gather ideas and talk in real time, helping you get your posts together quickly and effectively. It’s better than traditional message tools, as you can organise your chats, and you won’t have to scroll through a never-ending chat again looking for that one resource.

With these tools, you can create some truly original, engaging, and entertaining content. Put them to the test and see just how much they can help improve your writing.

This article was written and contributed by Gloria Kopp.

Feature Image Credit: http://howtowriteanarticleinfo.com/

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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