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Pokémon GO has now been officially released in Malaysia for more than a week, which has provided ample time for Malaysian trainers to venture around in search of completing their Pokédex. Various hotspots have been leveraging off this and placing lure modules around to help trainers search beyond the common Rattatas and Pidgeys to find the more uncommon ones.

So we asked a few Malaysian Pokémon trainers what rare Pokémon have they managed to catch and the exact location in hopes to help out others who may be scratching their heads wondering if these rare ones even exist.

1) Jynx

Image Credit: Mohawk Pomade @Facebook

A Pokémon most fans may be familiar with as it has a strong presence in the series with its gag comedy relief, it unfortunately is not a very common Pokémon to be found in most areas. It is categorised as one of the rarer ones and after asking around, it seems this Pokémon has a tendency to be around places that are closer to water.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Jynx At: Ampang, Taman Tasik Cyberjaya, Prince Court Medical Centre, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

2) Gyarados

Image Credit: Hazim Asmuni @ Facebook

A favourite among many—trainers are even willing to collect those 400 Magikarp candy just to get this fantastic Pokémon. Apparently it may not be very common in the Klang Valley region but there have been comments from trainers saying they managed to find theirs at other states around Malaysia.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Gyarados At: Jonker Street Melaka, The Gardens Mall, Tasik Chini Pahang

3) Nidoking

Image Credit: Eazzy Izz @ Facebook

The final evolution of a Pokémon is never an easy one to find and Nidoking is no exception. Trainers have mentioned that you even need to be of a certain level before this Pokémon will spawn for you but that is of course up for debate.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Nidoking At:  Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuching International Airport, Georgetown Penang

4) Rapidash

Image Credit: Adrian Chin @ Facebook

Not sure whether it’s a horse thing but Rapidash seems to be one of those Pokémon that flits around and never really stays concentrated in one area. Trainers have mentioned their difficulty in pinpointing only one area where this Pokémon will spawn but it has been sighted at major areas.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Rapidash At: Persiaran Tropicana, Paradigm Mall, Masjid Shah Alam, The Curve, 1Utama. Summit Bukit Mertajam

5) Ninetails

Image Credit: Zulfiqar Zulkarnain @ Facebook

This Pokémon has been said to appear mainly in places where it’s out in the open, fitting with the type of Pokémon it is. Trainers have advised that using Razz Berries is key to this as it is usually with a higher CP compared to others.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Ninetails At: The Curve, Bandaraya Kuching, Dataran Merdeka, Pasar Malam Kelang Lama Kulim, Zoo Negara

6) Raichu

Image Credit: Zulfiqar Zulkarnain @ Facebook

Unlike the other Pokémon, this particular one seems to be outshone by its predecessor as trainers everywhere prefer to hunt down Pikachu more than Raichu. Or it could be because of how uncommon it is for this Pokémon to pop up compared to Pikachu.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Raichu At: Kampung Bengali Butterworth, Damansara Jaya, Pavillion KL

7) Porygon


Not a very common one to even be seen in your sightings box but this Pokémon has appeared occasionally in areas that are quite heavily populated such as malls and other major public areas.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Porygon At: Tropicana City Mall, KLCC, Midvalley, 1Utama, Empire Shopping Mall

8) Snorlax

Image Credit: Faris Seny @ Facebook

Despite its size, this Pokémon is actually rather difficult to find. Trainers have mentioned how they have stayed at a particular location for hours in hopes it would spawn but to no avail so if your heart is set to catch this one, just know patience is key.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Snorlax At: Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall, Old Town White Coffee Cyberjaya, Maybank Sunway Giza

9) Arcanine

Image Credit: Nicholas Cheong @ Facebook

Another Pokémon which seems to be a huge fan of spawning in outdoor areas. Although you could find its predecessor Growlithe in malls such as IKEA Damansara and e-Curve, Arcanine is a little more tricky as it prefers to spawn in areas where the sun is blazing down on you probably.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Arcanine At: KLCC Park, The Curve, Dataran Merdeka

10) Farfetch’d

Image Credit: Kekanda Scm

Though there have been many rumors floating about that this region-specific Pokémon is only available in certain Asia countries like Japan and Korea, it has been proven false with this. Although it is considered very rare, there have been sightings of it appearing in our international airport at Kuala Lumpur and as of now, that is the only place reported to have this Pokémon.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Farfetch’d At: KLIA2

11) Dragonite

Image Credit: Miroul Rouren @ Facebook

The most popular Pokémon that everyone seems to want and with good reason. Dragonite is easily one of the strongest Pokémon in the series overall which makes it a very rare one to be able to find. Most prefer to just opt farming Dratinis in hopes to be able to evolve them into a Dragonite but some lucky trainers have managed to stumble across one and though it took a lot of effort, caught it.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Dragonite At: Danga Bay Johor, KLCC Park, Wangsa Maju

12) Chansey

Image Credit: Sean Tan Wee Seong @ Facebook

Said to be a common one found at hospital areas, this Pokémon has made some trainers even believe it does not exist because of how rare it is to even be seen. So the next time you head over to anywhere near a hospital, keep your app on just in case.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Chansey At: Solaris Mont Kiara, Kepong, SJMC Subang, Prince Court Hospital

13) Charizard

Image Credit: Syahid Impianku @ Facebook

Another popular one that everyone wants in their deck and another one that seems to be impossible to find for some. This final evolution of a Charmander is definitely one of the ones you won’t be able to see very often and though some trainers may have seen it at one location, it might not spawn again at that particular area. So pray luck is on your side for this one.

Areas Where Trainers Have Caught Charizard At: Taiping Lake Gardens, TTC Bangi, Titiwangsa

Have you spotted any of these rare Pokemon in any other areas? Let us know in the comments so we can add them in!

Feature Image Credit: wsj.com

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