Malaysians all celebrated as Lee Chong Wei bested his nemesis and friend, Lin Dan in the Rio Olympics Men's Badminton Singles semi-finals.

Published 2016-08-19 23:49:23

We’ve seen it happen tonight, and no true Malaysian would be able to contain themselves witnessing the grit and determination of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s win over his longtime rival and friend, Lin Dan, guaranteeing Malaysia another medal in the Rio Olympics.

The sheer exuberance as Malaysians celebrated is a joy to behold, and we’ve compiled some of the best reactions yet

His first video of his condominium celebrating the men’s doubles entry into the finals went viral and it looks like this condominium block is the place to be when watching the Olympics.


The corner mamak stalls were great places to be too, with screams and shouts and celebrations galore.


We were all glued to our screens and it didn’t matter that this was just the semi-finals.

It wasn’t all laughter and shouts. Dato’ Lee’s performance even moved some to tears, including our Minister of Youth and Sports.

We’re so proud of you, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei! Whatever the outcome of tomorrow is, you’ve already made your nation one, in cheering with support for you. We love you and are behind you all the way.

Feature Image Credit: @Badmintonupdate on Twitter

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