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The Presidential Debate in the US is heating up as voting day approaches, and more skeletons are dragged out of closets.

While the contents of the Debate are serious, and analyses in both text and video form have emerged with each iteration, another part of the Internet has decided to take on a more light-hearted approach.

Memes and gif reactions are aplenty, but many have taken it to another level – by dubbing over stitched cuts of the Debate.

The “Time Of My Life” dub has received much media attention so far, but we managed to dig out a few that’ll definitely tickle a funny bone or two.

1. The One That Started It All

The video has achieved viral status, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Whether or not you’d want to link the appropriateness of the lyrics to the current situation, there’s no denying that some parts of the dub were just so convincing (especially on Trump’s part).

Listen to the original here.

2. When Trump = Jacky Cheung

Just when you thought only English speakers were getting in on the fun, this one featured the live performance of a classic duet by Canto/Mandopop King Jacky Cheung and Karen Tong.

And the inclusion of Trump “bobbing his head” along with the music? Priceless.

Listen to the original here.

3. Mandopop Karaoke Fanatics Will Relate

Taking one of our favourite karaoke hits “屋顶 (Rooftop)” by Jacky Wu and Landy Wen, the dub isn’t as seamless as its English counterparts, but it’s nonetheless hilarious.

Posted by Taiwanese news channel Apple Daily, the video has gotten over 2 million views so far.

Listen to the original here, and feel free to sing along.

4. Mandopop Karaoke Fanatics Will Relate Pt. 2

Featuring a duet by local singer JJ Lin and Charlene Choi, this one isn’t as convincing as the rest, but the purposeful slowing down of certain parts to fit the song is an effort we can all appreciate.

Listen to the original here.

5. A “Bad Lip Reading” That’s Actually Really Good

Youtube channel Bad Lip Reading is a pro at dubs, and I remember a colleague expressing his astonishment at how well this one in particular was done.

With clever stitching and adding on of extra elements to the original, the first installation of the Debate was convincingly transformed into a Gameshow – which some might argue isn’t too far from reality.

For more bad lip reading, check out their channel here.

The Results Won’t Be A Laughing Matter, Though

While we in Asia aren’t as directly affected as the folks in the US, there’s no doubt that the results will have a huge impact on us.

An article in The Straits Times helped explain to us in Singapore why even though the US President is geographically far away, his/her influence and stance will rock our foreign policies significantly.

The writer goes on to state that between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the latter would spell better news for Singapore, since “[she] has championed a stronger role for the US around the world, which dovetails with Singapore’s desire for an American presence in the region to balance against China.”

Regardless, we can only wait with bated breath alongside the rest of the world for November 8th, when the Election finally takes place.

Which one is your favourite dub? Let us know!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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