Home renovations can be an iffy thing to take care of.

First, you start off by researching on your preferred interior designers, ranking them based on how well they will be able to realise your dream home, and most importantly, if they adhere to your budget.

The reality is, for the average Singaporean, home renovation is a major investment that they will only embark on once or twice, in their home owner lives.

The Rise Of Renegade Renovators 

Image Credit: Matthew Alan via herworldplus
Image Credit: Matthew Alan via herworldplus

Though numbers are not exactly rising, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) still received 1,447 complaints against renovation contractors in 2015 alone.

As the fourth most complained service in Singapore, the number of cases resolved number only slightly above half the total cases. Not a minuscule amount by any means.

Every month or so, it is not uncommon for Singaporeans to read up on renovation horror stories in the news and on the web about how errant contractors provide sub-par service, that some don’t even complete due to the company becoming insolvent.

Qanvast Wants To Soften The Blow

Image Credit: Qanvast
Image Credit: Qanvast

You may know Qanvast as the leading Singaporean home renovation app that allows you to surf through a platform of verified interior designers and contractors to suit your budget, and for you to envision your dream home.

Even then, legitimate companies can also run into trouble and fold, and it is during these times that you will be left to rue your decision to hire them as your renovations lie incomplete, and you are thousands of dollars poorer.

Image Credit: Qanvast
Image Credit: Qanvast

With the Qanvast Guarantee, users of the app now have a safety net that they can fall back on.

They are offering 50% coverage of the contractual fee that you sign with the interior designer, with up to S$50,000 in compensation for losses – whichever is lower.

If you’re wondering how much the coverage would cost you, well, it’s actually free! Do note though, that to be eligible, the homeowner would need to use Qanvast recommendations (made from 10 Oct 2016 onwards).

Since the payout amount can only be computed after the damages are assessed, the payout quotation would also not be given upfront.

However, the Guarantee would not hold if 1) The contracting service provider was not referred to by Qanvast; 2) Termination or breach of contract was initiated by the homeowner; 3) The homeowner refuses to accept services of the contracting service provider’s appointed agents or independent contractors.

With HDB looking to increase production of units year-on-year, this guarantee comes in timely for the huge number of potential homeowners coming in.

For more information, check out the website for Qanvast Guarantee here.

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