Because customer (yes, you!) is king.

Published 2016-11-16 17:28:46

Uber and Grab have been at loggerheads since day one of each other’s inception.

While Uber has the obvious advantage, being in more countries around the world, Southeast Asia is Grab’s playground, and the Singapore-based startup is not backing down.

Southeast Asia is home to over 600 million people, and thus potential customers, so it’s no surprise that the two are going all out in trying to gain market share.

In July, The Wall Street Journal published an article evaluating the tussle, and stated that Grab’s innate understanding of the Southeast Asian market will be what makes it victorious over its American counterpart.

Consumer level-wise, I think I can speak for Singaporeans in the way that we don’t really care a lot about the company’s motto, history, and board of directors – if it’s reliable, convenient, and gives us perks – it’s the winner in our eyes.

Of course, it can be argued that this is an assumption on my (ngeow aka stingy) part, so let’s try and come to a consensus in the traditional way – through a poll!

Before that, let’s do a little head-to-head comparison of both.

Grab vs. Uber
Grab vs. Uber

Grab vs. Uber: You Decide

In the end, customer really is king, and no amount of analysis on either would determine the preferred option of the everyday Singaporean.

Now, here’s your chance to flex those polling muscles and pick the side that you prefer:

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