Published 2016-11-30 14:00:14

Games are a great way to destress.

Whether you’re the type that favours strategy-reliant ones like DOTA 2, or more fast-paced ones like Tsum Tsum, there’s no denying that they’re a great way to escape from various stressors.

Gaming on our mobile phones have been a thing since the era of our indestructible Nokia phones, where we found simple joy in playing monochrome marvels like Snake for hours on end.

Smartphones have not only brought about the advent of more sophisticated, flashy options, but also added in a social element to gaming – by connecting players with not only friends, but strangers too.

Given that most mobile games link us to our friends via our Facebook accounts, the gap between social networks and games has also been increasingly drawn closer. Remember the days when your Facebook friends spammed you with Candy Crush requests, and vice versa?

Well now, Facebook wants to bring the joy of games to you and your friends – all without leaving the platform.

Facebook Launches Instant Games

Instant Games titles / Image Credit: FB
Instant Games titles / Image Credit: FB

Partnering well-known game developers like Bandai Namco, Konami, King, Zynga, and Blackstorm, Facebook has launched Instant Games, a new feature that enables cross-platform gaming within its platforms.

So yes, that means that you’ll be able to game on mobile and desktop, on Messenger and News Feed, without the need to download or install a new app.

Singapore is also one of the 30 countries selected for the initial launch, alongside the United States (duh), Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, so Singaporeans, rejoice!

To access the games and start playing (and competing) with friends, all you need to do is find the new game controller icon below where you’d usually type your messages.

Launch screens / Image Credit: FB
Launch screens / Image Credit: FB

Just like the game apps we’re used to, Instant Games features leaderboards and group thread conversations for those who want to challenge and compete against others on Messenger.

Leaderboard within a game / Image Credit: FB
Leaderboard within a game / Image Credit: FB

In terms of games discovery, users can also discover games within the Messenger search field, or on Facebook’s News Feed where solo or challenge rounds can be played.

Games list on app / Image Credit: FB
Games list on app / Image Credit: FB

Games on the Messenger service are the first to be rolled out on Facebook’s new Instant Games cross-platform gaming experience, but do note that it is currently only available for iOS v8 or later and Android v5 or later.

Catch Instant Games in action below:

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