Beware, the infamous Grab driver with a chihuahua is back on the roads. He is now driving under the GrabHitch service after being suspended with GrabCar.

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2017-01-03 20:28:43

GrabHitch has sort of gotten a bad rep recently due to one of their drivers. Hitch unlike GrabShare, is a service run by non-professional drivers on the Grab app.

A recent bad incident came to light on Christmas Day when a Nanyang Technological University student, Rushdan Eilyaas, shared on social media about how the dog belonging to his GrabHitch driver had bitten him as he was getting out of the car. What’s more all this culminated after an evening of unprofessional behaviour on the part of the driver.

Grab then came out to help Rushdan by refunding the cost of his trip, while also reimbursing his medical bills due to the injury when getting bitten. It was also mentioned that the driver involved in this incident had also been suspended for “violating its code of conduct in using a car that was not registered on the Grab platform.”

Well guess what, he’s back. Now on GrabHitch

Facebook user Daniel Botak earlier today shared how he had encountered a terribly rude and unprofessional driver when he booked a GrabHitch ride to get to Mustafa Center.

Image Credit: Daniel Botak via Facebook

Let’s break down his Facebook posts to what you need to take note of,

Blonde tattooed male – checked ✔

Pet chihuahua – checked ✔

Unprofessional behaviour – checked ✔

The incident as told by Daniel about what happened to him also largely mirrors what had happened to Rushdan as well. The driver doesn’t pick him up at the designated point, instead telling the rider to meet him elsewhere.

When Daniel saw the dog with the driver (barking aggressively), he decided to turn down the ride fearing for his safety, especially after recalling the previous incident. Instead of an amicable parting, he was instead met by (you’ve guessed it) severely unprofessional behaviour, with some vulgarities thrown into the mix.

Image Credit: Daniel Botak via Facebook

From the way he articulate his post though it seems that he was unaware that it was the same driver who made the news. This was later confirmed by people who had left comments on his post.

Image Credit: Daniel Botak via Facebook
Image Credit: Daniel Botak via Facebook

Another Facebook user also came forward to share his unpleasant ride with the driver, this time when the driver was still under GrabCar before his alleged suspension.

Image Credit: Daniel Botak via Facebook

Looks like Mr Chihuahua is also a regular in Pasir Ris as this user points out when she booked a GrabHitch ride.

All we can say is, if you live in Pasir Ris and regularly take GrabHitch, look at your Grab app if you’ve been matched to a driver named “Star” and keep your eyes peeled for a white Mitsubishi Colt Cabriolet…. with a chihuahua inside.

Now the curious thing is regarding the driver in question, apparently he was suspended from GrabCar. With that in mind why was he accepted as a GrabHitch driver?

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