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Move aside photos, live streaming has officially become the new rising star in today’s society of sharing.

First, there was Bigo Live and then even China’s selfie-editing Meitu also jumped onto the live streaming bandwagon. Today, Singapore’s newest live streaming app BeLive is set to ramp up the live streaming scene even more.

BeLive With Me

As Asia’s premium live streaming platform, BeLive launched yesterday on the Apple and Google Play stores.

The platform is free to use and features a range of local influencers already live streaming their stories.

The videos are categorised according to interests, from lifestyle to food, for easy searching. Their Facebook page also keeps you updated on any special events, such as their upcoming Mukbang food challenge with Food League SG.

Image Credit: BeLive App

And what’s a live streaming platform without rewards?

Unlike other live streaming apps, BeLivers (yes, BeLivers) can cash out their rewards hassle-free, and without having to take a cut to gift value.

This is to encourage live streamers to create quality content, as the more fans and gifts they accumulate, the more financially rewarding the platform can be for them.

For those not too sure on how to live stream, BeLive has Stream Managers who can help you start.

Image Credit: The BeLive Team

As shared by CEO Kenneth Tan, the team hopes to “provide viewers with entertaining live streams and to help content generators increase the quality of their live content.

A Wealth Of Potential

According to Cisco’s June 2016 Visual Networking Index report, live streaming videos are expected to command 82% of the Internet’s traffic by 2020. In 2015, digital video ad revenue in US already hit $7.8billion, and this number is only expected to surge globally.

Tapping onto this wealth of potential, BeLive “strives to power advertisers and marketers with an easy-to-use app to create their own live streams for greater audience resonance.”

Catalysing social interactions on a digital space for anyone and everyone, BeLive also allows Singaporeans to showcase their talent and potentially be discovered.

The upside to this is that companies are also taking note of the power of live streaming, notably Square Enix & Gumi Asia, who launched an exclusive live interview for Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on BeLive.

Through live stream collaborations, BeLivers can also earn more, with some already raking in $2,000 per month.

Image Credit: BeLive App

BeLive Fighting The Pitfalls Of Live Streaming

When live streaming first took off in Singapore, one problem quickly arose. Live streamers were being subjected to racial slurs and sexual come-ons, including requests them to “perform” for the camera.

In line with this, BeLive uses in-app prompts to inform users on what is appropriate content for streaming. Moderators are also available 24/7 to monitor content, and live streamers who flout the rules risk permanent banning.

The Future Is Live

While not everyone might starting jumping onto BeLive, in our sharing economy, live streaming does indeed present for a lucrative future.

As shared by CEO Kenneth Tan, “live-streaming will soon become widely adopted […] and our focus on [quality content] curation reflects our thoughts on the medium.”

You can download the BeLive app on the Apple store or Google Play and start sharing your own live video!

Featured Image Credit: The BeLive Team

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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