"Exciting times ahead!", tweets Nextbit CEO Tom Moss after meeting with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. But there's something more to the tweet than meets the eye.

Published 2017-10-05 21:14:41

As the rumours of a Razer smartphone continue to swell (with some subtle-yet-not-really teasing from CEO Min-Liang Tan himself), we are here, once again, with another potential piece to the puzzle.

What initially seems to be a photo taken after ~just another meeting~ between Tan and founder & CEO of Nextbit Tom Moss (which, for the unacquainted, was bought over by Razer) could hold one of the first glimpses we can get of the much-anticipated Razer phone.

“Exciting times ahead!”, reads the cryptic tweet by Moss.

And if you look closely at Tan’s pocket, and you’ll be able to see a black, rectangular device of sorts with the signature Razer logo on it.

Could it be the smartphone that Razer’s planning to release by the end of the year?

Or could it just be…I don’t know, a power bank?

Either way, Tan’s getting more obvious with the hints, and it might just be a matter of time that we finally get a definite answer.

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