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On top of being a successful soccer player who has been named the world’s highest paid athlete by Forbes in the past two years, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a philanthropist.

And perhaps fans of the exceptionally brilliant soccer player might know this – Ronaldo also has his own brand of earphones called, ROC.

While I try to decode what the brand name means, Ronaldo’s message to us with his new line of wearable tech is clear – to Live Life Loud.

These Are No Bass-ic Earphones

The brand has been around for a while now, but the ROC Model II and ROC Model III are the latest earphones ROC created that focus on the everyday athlete.

Built into the earphones is the graphene diaphragm technology, that gives the user superior audio quality, delivering cleaner vocals and a heavier bass.

They contain a layer of graphene diaphragm which has extremely low mass density and high mechanical strength.

The low mass density ensures good high frequency response, which is responsible for the clarity of the earphones. High mechanical strength allows the user to, kind of, ‘feel the bass’ instead of just hearing it.

This wonder material can capture the most minute of changes in music signals so the user can truly listen to the nuances of the music.

With this technology, the ROC earphones can achieve that ‘eargasm’, a mark of approval from audiophiles.

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What the ROC Model II and III are promising is a pocket surround sound system, especially on the Model II, which has “sound-staging technology” (more about it below!).

Both these earphones are sweat and weather-resistant, making them durable and suitable for any season here in tropical Singapore.

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They’re perfect for when you’re working out outdoors, tuning out in the morning on your commute to work, or just chilling in a cafe reading a book.

For The Off-Season Ronaldos Out There

ROC Model II in Silver / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

The ROC Model II is a wireless bluetooth earphone for active and sporty people who love a good sweat.

Embedded in it is the ROC360 technology which is described as an “enveloping and immersive” mobile audio.

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Most headphones jam the music too close to the head, but with the ROC360 functionality, the sound moves out and around the user.

The experience is like an artiste’s ‘sound stage’ – imagine you’re in a studio as music is played by a band right in front of you.

It boasts a wide frequency response range, from 10Hz to 40kHz, a sensitivity of 98dB+/-3dB, and up to eight solid hours of battery life.

The long battery life is great for marathoners or just casual runners who enjoy the solitude and the undisturbed peace of running long distances.

Lightweight and secure, it won’t fall off when you’re doing plyometrics on the track or agility training in the gym.

ROC Model II in Silver / Image Credit: ROC Live Life Loud

The earbuds are made of metal alloy and are magnetic, making them easy to wear and easy to store.

They’re also extra-comfortable so your ears won’t hurt if you were to wear them for four full hours.

Another awesome feature of the ROC Model II is the built-in bluetooth microphone that lets you talk hands-free, and you can even use it 10m away from the connected device.

Just think of how useful it’ll be if you are practicing yoga at home!

If you receive a business call in the middle of enjoying the calming music, you don’t even have to move an inch to pick up your phone that’s in the living room.

And right after the call, you can immediately pick up where you left off.

For The Everyday, Casual Ronaldos Out There

ROC Model III in Copper / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

What’s awesome about the ROC Model III is that you can say goodbye to spending five long minutes untangling the earphones.

It is a durable, tangle-free earphone that is certified Hi-Res Audio, and extremely lightweight for every purpose.

ROC Model III in Silver / Image Credit: ROC Live Life Loud

While it does not have the ROC360 technology, the frequency response range and sensitivity are the same as the ROC Model II. So you can expect the same quality, if not even crisper music.

The stylish earphone has a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack and an in-line microphone that lets you talk on-the-go.

ROC Model III in Copper / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

This is fantastic for users who can’t live without music on their commute, while working, and while relaxing.

Right after leaving your home, you put the earphones on and cancel out the noise of the world. You reach the office and listen to a playlist that inspires productivity.

The earbuds are made of food-grade silicone and soft memory foam tips. You can plug those earphones in for the whole night as you sleep after a good evening with your friends.

Not Your Average Celebrity Earphones

Image Credit: ROC Live Life Loud

Even though the ROC earphones are products by the world-famous Cristiano Ronaldo, the prices are not astronomical.

In fact, it’s super affordable and reasonable for the quality of earphones.

You can get the ROC Model II in silver or copper at $199, and the ROC Model III in silver or copper at $119 on Lazada! Get them here.

This article is written in collaboration with PearlBlue Tech Pte Ltd.

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