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  • Wowwwz is an app for relationships described as LinkedIn for dating. It hopes to connect potential couples through their own network of friends. 
  • You can see if someone is compatible with you based on testimonials left by their friends and family. Or by seeing who has similar personality traits. 
  • Other than that, the platform also gives recommended places for dates, dating advice, etc. 
  • It is still in beta, with more features on the way. 

When we discovered Wowwwz, we didn’t expect it to be a dating app. After all, you’re supposed to go on the app, praise your friends, and then post about it on social media.

But here’s where the dating part comes in.

Apparently, most couples meet their significant others through friends, or were friends themselves. So Wowwwz enters the market by turning six degrees of separation into zeroes and ones.

This free app is currently still in Beta mode, but there are some pretty interesting prospects.

It’s all done through a graph database.

This picture doesn’t make sense yet, but it will / Image Credit: HackerEarth

You’ll be greeted with a short personality quiz. For every little morsel you give about your personality, you’ll be greeted with pictures of others who feel the same way. Ideally, this would be friends of your friends, hence the graph database.

But for now, since the app is still pretty small, it’s going to be anyone else on the app at all, regardless of your degree of separation.

If someone’s photo strikes your fancy, you can go to their page to see the testimonials (or testi for you Friendster era peeps here) left of them by others. Do they love their mothers? Are they self-motivated? How many of their friends said they were big-hearted?

Image Credit: Wowwwz

The idea here is if you see a friend leaving a compliment to this person, you’re more inclined to try and match with them. Even more so if they have a characteristic that you like.

Other than that, it works like Tinder. You can swipe right if you like them, and only message them if they’ve liked you back.

This database would be able to help amazing people who share common values, interests and friends discover each other in a fun and natural way,” said Johnson Khoo, co-founder of Wowwwz.

The team hopes that the app could help speed up the process of natural introductions and help people discover each other quicker. And one of the ways this could happen is by sharing your Wowwwz testimonials on Facebook.

If someone posts testimonials on their social media page, their potential bae could see it, and see exactly the characteristics they want in a dream partner.

This way, mutual friend connections can still happen without the common friend ever having to match them up.

“The company aims to build a comprehensive set of tools that would one day solve ALL relationship problems, from finding the right life partner, navigating the friendzone, handling heartbreaks, keeping the romance alive to relationship counselling.”

As a partial incentive for leaving your testimonials, the platform may potentially reward them with small prizes from the brands they have on board.

In a way, you can see why they call themselves the LinkedIn for dating.

That’s right, it’s more than just dating.

There’s the clear potential for friends to just go into the app to say nice things about each other—which is similar to some other apps we’ve seen internationally.

Other than recommending people to you, scrolling on either the Wowwwz app or browser showcases events and activities—potentially for a date.

There are also articles about dating life written for couples.

Apparently, these are the features intended to draw in existing couples as well.

Besides doing it to help romances bloom, the Wowwwz team hopes to spread positivity, friend appreciation and love in a world filled with negativity, which seems like a noble goal.

That being said, we find the idea of turning that idea into a dating platform as an interesting step forward.

Still in its beta infancy, there are still elements of clunkiness on the app that requires a little fixing. We can foresee more functions and potential for monetisation coming onto the platform, especially as alumni of the Y Combinator Startup School.

For now, this seems like a pretty good option for those who cares about more than just looks—provided that the app does bring in more people into the fold.

Feature Image Credit: Wowwwz

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