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Chinese New Year is fast approaching and retail stores and online platforms are eager to jump on board to start offering their deals.

Whether it be online or offline, you’ll see many brands coming to you with their best promotions for items you can grab this festive season.

Alibaba’s TMall is also joining in on the festivities by announcing their Chinese New Year promotions and initiatives specially for Malaysian consumers.

We’ve looked through some of their best-selling and most popular deals, to see what’s on offer. Here are some things we haven’t really seen much of in Malaysia, but are pretty darn cool.

1) A solar-powered air purifier for your car

We’re all familiar with air purifiers and how they work, but this is the first we’ve seen that is solar-powered. You don’t have to bother replacing any batteries and whatnot to make sure it’s running.

Video credit: TMall

How it generally works is that its cover will slide open once the car door is open and it’ll start absorbing any bad odours or scents in the car before purifying the air inside.

Quite handy to have to dispel of any post-cigarette scents or other foul odours. The air purifier will also stop once the engine is shut off.

Price: RM145

2) An automatic toilet seat

If you’ve ever been to East Asian countries like Japan or Korea, most of them actually have automatic toilet seats. They make everything controllable and automated, from the washing to the flushing. Now this deal lets you buy the toilet seat alone to install over your own one at home to give it the same features.

Image Credit: TMall

There are two variations; one that comes with a button panel beside the toilet seat and the other, with a remote control. Both let you control a variety of settings, such as the water temperature when washing, the seat temperature, the water speed, and so on.

Price: RM916

3) An intelligent sensor dustbin

Even dustbins can be automatic. This one offered on TMall senses when your hand hovers above it, making it open its lid in 0.3 seconds so you can easily throw your trash.

Video Credit: TMall

It’s handy for those who are more particular with hygiene or to be honest, those who are on the lazier side, since this removes the necessity of having to open the dustbin lid.

Price: RM60

4) A portable rice cooker that can be used in cars

If there’s one thing Malaysia’s known for, it’s our dreaded traffic jams that can go on for hours. It’s not as bad as China, where drivers can be stuck on the road for days, but we’ve heard stories of the long hours some people have spent. So sometimes it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

Video Credit: TMall

This portable rice cooker works just like the one you have in your kitchen, but it is specially made to be able to be used in vehicles too.

There is a timer on the rice cooker where you can set how long your estimated journey will take. If you’re expecting a 12-hour drive, you can set it so the rice will stay heated for up to 12 hours.

So there’s no need to wait in line to enter an R&R. Just make sure to pack some side dishes to go with the rice and you’re set when you balik kampung for the holidays.

Price: RM176

5) A mini camera recorder for your car

For safety purposes, nowadays the latest trend is getting cameras installed in your car. Whether they are dashcams or even those installed near your rearview mirror, these cameras can play a big role in helping out during emergencies that may happen while you’re driving.

Video Credit: TMall

This miniature camera recorder for cars can be turned around, depending on which angle you’d like it to record. It records in 1440 pixels maximum and even has a WiFi function built in so you can send the photos and videos instantly to your mobile.

Price: As low as RM170

6) A 360-degree rearview mirror recorder

Image Credit: TMall

This camera recorder functions similarly to the previous one, but has a few more added perks. Its dual lens gives it a 360-degree mobility so it captures a wider range of footage surrounding your car.

The camera also has a built in night vision capability and a panoramic view. It records videos in 1080p. It’s been quite a hit, taking a top selling spot on TMall from 2015 to 2017 so far.

Price: RM213

7) A magnetic phone holder

Of course talking about all these car accessories, one thing that’s needed is a phone holder. It’s become quite a bad habit for drivers to have their phones on hand while driving. To help, you could get this universal mobile phone bracket.

Video Credit: TMall

Instead of having a suction cup to attach your mobile like most phone holders do, this one is magnetic and can hold a significant amount of weight as it can also hold up an iPad and a Galaxy Tablet. It can also be turned 360 degrees so you don’t have to keep taking your mobile phone off to adjust it.

As an added bonus, it’s really cute. You might even use it on your desk or other flat surfaces instead.

Price: RM35

8) A holiday package to Phuket, Thailand

Since Chinese New Year holidays are coming up, you might want to take your family away on holiday, instead of braving the long drive back to your hometown this year. To try something different, you could give this trip organised by Lazy Cat a go.

They have their own tour guides that will be specially bringing you around the islands and you can arrange the itinerary according to what kind of activities you wish to do. It’s a good opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle life in the city and go for a nice island getaway.

Price: RM200 to RM457

9) A mini refrigerator for your car

Image Credit: TMall

You’ve only really heard of higher-end vehicles having chillers built in them. If you’ve ever wanted one of your own, this HYUNDAI mini refrigerator for your car could be an option to look at.

The refrigerator can hold up to 20 litres and is functional enough to work in both your home and car. Similar to the rice cooker we listed above, now you no longer have to stop by a rest stop to purchase a cool drink or fresh fruits—simply open the fridge to get what you need.

Price: RM157

10) Cat-themed powerbank

Image Credit: TMall

In this era where our smartphones are mostly glued to our hands, most of us own a powerbank or two. Many brands jumped on board this hype and started selling them in different variations. The one that caught our attention is this cat-themed one.

It has three different designs with the same cat character but with a variety of expressions and colours. It also comes with a pouch and a matching cable with a cat head at the end. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple 10000 MAH powerbank but the feline cuteness is a plus.

Price: RM36–RM42


These are just some of the offers and discounts on TMall, but the platform is going all out this Chinese New Year with many discounts and offers. The “mega bargains” are set to run from January 24 to January 28 so they’re only available for a limited time only.

But deals aren’t the only things offered. You can also grab ang pao on Taobao.com to get RMB88 (RM53) off when you spend RMB666 or RMB18 (RM11) off when you spend RMB88 (RM53).

There are also exclusive vouchers for overseas users (Malaysians included) as well as free shipping on “Flash Sale” products.

So kickstart the new year with some great bargains and shop away. Maybe you could get some items here to make your drive home this festive season a little more bearable.

  • You can check out the other deals on offer at TMall here

This article was written in collaboration with TMall.

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