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“We want to revolutionise the way people choose their desks and let them construct their personal work and play space as if they were building an Aftershock PC from ground up.” – Marcus Wee, co-founder of Omnidesk and Aftershock PC

The founders behind Singapore custom computer brand Aftershock are back with an all new company, Omnidesk.

Since founding Aftershock , Marcus and Joe Wee has changed how Singaporeans buy PCs and laptops by offering fully customisable offerings.

From just a few laptops, they now have an extensive range of products available – from tower PCs and all-in-ones, to monitors and mice.

Today, they are trying to recreate the magic of having customisability at your fingertips with an entirely new product segment.

The Founders Of Aftershock Presents Omnidesk

Image Credit: Omnidesk

One thing was made clear by Marcus during the launch of the new company and its two desks – this is not a product just for gamers.

Where Aftershock as a brand is targeted at the PC enthusiast and gaming community, Omnidesk instead is created to blend into any kind of environment.

What Omnidesk essentially is, is something that what you might have seen in many tech offices, especially among programmers – a height adjustable desk that lets you switch between working sitting down, and standing up.

Image Credit: Omnidesk

The difference though, as you would expect from the guys behind Aftershock, is that their desks are fully customisable from the ground up. In other words, you can configure it however you like.

You can pick the size of the tabletop, the colours of the desk, and any accessories such as monitor stands, speaker mounts. Additionally, you can even have a Creative speaker system installed.

Image Credit: Omnidesk

Marcus also shared that the surface of the tabletop is even suitable to put your mouse directly on it, eliminating the use of a mousepad. Though he advises those who prefer fabric or cloth based mouse pads to still use one if a hard surface isn’t their thing.

In the near future, much like their laptops and PCs, you can even do custom coloured paint jobs and emblazon a logo directly on the tabletop.

At launch, they have two models.

Omnidesk / Image Credit: Omnidesk

One is the run-of-the-mill rectangular desk that most people will be familiar with called the Omnidesk.

Omnidesk Pro / Image Credit: Omnidesk

The higher end one is the Omnidesk Pro, which will be a more ergonomic model for those seeking for more than just a regular desk.

Cable management is also a priority feature in these desks and you can go as far as picking the option to have someone do it for you.

This definitely lends itself well to those that care for aesthetics.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Together with the Surface Studio on it for a demo, Omnidesk definitely showed off some IKEA vibes when we viewed the lacquered wooden tabletop that is slated for a future release.

We can already see this as a future fan favourite that will make an appearance in many offices and homes soon.

Perhaps the best bit of news to come out of this launch is the price.

Image Credit: Omnidesk

The Omnidesk starts at S$630, and the Omnidesk Pro S$680.

Considering that good quality computer tables cost around the same, and height adjustable ones run into four figure amounts, Omnidesk’s offerings are definitely a great middle ground for someone considering a similar product.

The launch of Omnidesk as a company and a product is definitely a logical next step for the team from Aftershock.

Now, they can offer customers the full experience to anyone seeking to revamp their setup at home or at work.

Check out the Omnidesk at https://theomnidesk.com/

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