For the 2018 General Election, SPR has updated their MYSPR app to allow users to check their voting stations and candidates.

Ellia Pikri  |  Singapore
Published 2018-04-16 10:37:46

Here’s a piece of news that surprised me recently: even if you live in the same house, your voting station might be different from your parents.

To reduce confusion on polling day, SPR just updated the MySPR Semak app so that you can check.

Until yesterday, the app only showed you which areas you were in, and many Malaysians had to scour through a PDF to find the information they needed about their polling stations.

With this update, not only will the app inform you of your DUNs and Parliaments, it will also inform you of exactly which polling station you’re in and the window of time you have to vote, which might differ depending on location.


However, regarding other announcements like voters being able to check who their representatives are, the app currently has the button, but it does not have any candidate information at the time of writing.

SPR recommends that voters check their voting information ahead of time to ease the process of planning on voting day.

(Translated from Malay) “If checking has been done and voters know about their voting stations, then they don’t have to check again at the SPR counter in their voting stations,” said an SPR representative.

If voters face any difficulties using the app, they can still do the check on the SPR website, or call the hotline 03-88927018, or contact any State Election Office.

Another option is through SMS, by typing “SPR <Your IC number>” and sending it to 15888.

  • The MYSPR Semak app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. 

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