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In an age where likes, views, shares and even comments can be bought, tech-savvy brands are looking for meaningful engagement, where the people who interact with a piece of digital content are real and potential customers.

Another common question brands usually ask when advertising is, can a content creator guarantee the number of views an article or video receives? And, even if the views are guaranteed, can a brand be sure they’re reaching the audience that they actually want?

Announced yesterday, a new partnership between online media group GRVTY Media and digital marketing strategists Creme Digital hopes to solve all the questions and doubts mentioned above.

They’ve come up with an enhanced branded content solution, built by combining Creme Digital’s tech expertise with GRVTY Media’s content curation.

According to the press release, they “aim to meet the increasing need of quality engagement while still fulfilling expectations and targets that are set by discerning brands and clients”.

The solution announced includes features such as:

  • Bespoke packages in article or video forms
  • Add-on interactive features like quizzes, surveys or sign-up forms
  • The ability to reach highly targeted audiences, and guaranteed views
  • All-inclusive performance reports that provide enough data to drive future campaigns

In the past, whenever we’ve worked on our own campaigns, our means of reporting results has always been limited to whatever we can derive from Google Analytics and from Facebook business tools.

When it came to repeat clients who might want to reach out again to the same readers that responded positively or engaged with a previous campaign, we were unable to provide such detailed targeting. Alternatively, if they wanted to reach a completely different audience, we had to mostly rely on Facebook ad targeting, which isn’t always as powerful or detailed as we’d like.

This tool will now enable us to reach highly specialised audiences, which can be tailor-made to clients’ preferences. The audience can even be segmented out into variables such as time spent and engagement levels for retargeting or further marketing activities.

It’s not just relevant content that matters.

A good content marketing article or video should not just engage users, but help to influence further action (e.g. a purchase or a sign up) from consumers.

The add-ons such as media galleries, lead forms, polls and more help to boost consumer engagement and provide better performance results.

“One of our goals is to ensure that our campaigns achieve meaningful views with the right target audience who would actually find value in the content that we create,” said Sarah Enxhi, Managing Director of GRVTY Media Malaysia.

“We’re excited about our partnership because we’re now able to develop data driven branded content that works harder and smarter to obtain comprehensive performance insights for our clients.”

“By partnering with GRVTY Media, Creme Digital is able to offer a versatile branded content solution to brands from different industries,” said Oliver Cheah, Managing Director of Creme Digital.

“Brands now have access to a content solution that can address varying needs, is more effective and provides actionable insights.”

If you'd like to learn more about the solution, drop your details below and we'll reach out to you.

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Disclosure: GRVTY Media is the parent company of Vulcan Post.

Creme Digital is a marketing solutions company that focuses on turning complex digital channel strategies into easily accessible solutions. They blend four key competencies; Creative Strategy, Media Strategy, Creative Development and Real-Time Media Trading into all-in-one, effective solutions that are developed to address varying marketing needs of medium-to-large businesses. This helps to eliminate the time consuming, often inefficient and expensive guesswork in digital channel strategy development and execution. 

Feature Image L to R: Oliver Cheah (Managing Director, Creme Digital), Venxhin Pang (Managing Editor, Vulcan Post), Sarah Enxhi (Managing Director, GRVTY Media), Henrik Soderlund (Head of Technology & Trading, Creme Digital).

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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