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Published 2014-03-17 20:18:49

LINE, a leading mobile messaging app has just launched its its newest feature: a flat-rate voice calling service called LINE Call.

If you are an avid LINE user, you would have known that LINE users can call each other via the app. With the new LINE Call, you can use your LINE account to call other mobile phone users or those who are using a land line. Users will be able to keep their own mobile numbers for LINE Call — although “Phone numbers may not be displayed correctly in some regions,” LINE notes.

line call

There are no initial cost, monthly subscription or connection charges when you make a phone call through LINE Call. You would only have to pay for the pricing, which starts at 2 cents per minute, up to 12 cents per minute in the Philippines.

LINE Call is currently available for Android users in eight countries: Columbia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, and the U.S.A. LINE users from other countries are able to enjoy the service soon when the service is extended to them.

line call charges

Android users in the selected countries are now able to enjoy the service once they update their LINE app to the latest version. Customers must verify their phone numbers to use LINE Call.

With LINE now launching their voice call service to their users, it is now competing with players in the voice call space, notably, Skype and Viber, which was acquired by Japanese e commerce leader Rakuten earlier in February.

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