Urge aims to differentiate itself from existing players by offering not only ride-hailing services, but also food delivery, logistics, and courier services. 

Published 2018-08-20 10:27:22

Ride-hailing firms such as Grab and Ryde have both rolled out various new features in a bid to be a ‘superapp’.

Today, another new player emerges into the saturated ride-hailing market.

Singapore-based Urge however, aims to differentiate itself by being a more holistic app. It not only offers ride-hailing services, but also food delivery, logistics, and courier services.

Urge had soft-launched its private-hire car service over the past weekend, and aims to fully launch within a month.

In terms of pricing, Urge said they do not use the dynamic pricing system.

“There is no (price) surge for high-demand times, but we will have a minimal peak-hour surcharge,” he told The New Paper.

Possibly Rolling Out Motorcycle Services In M’sia  

Chief liaison officer Derrick Neo said that Urge currently has a fleet of about 100 cars plying the roads.

Urge chief operating officer Kelvin Ho said that they now have about 20 full-timers and between 50 and 80 freelancers under them now.

He added that the company aims to recruit a total of 2,000 drivers in the next three months.

According to a report by The Straits Times, Urge full-time drivers are paid a basic salary of S$2,700, and are entitled to benefits such as annual leave.

Kelvin also said that Urge had initially wanted to use motorcycles for its ride-hailing services here, but they scrapped the idea as Singapore law prohibits the use of motorcycles for point-to-point transportation services.

As such, it is possible that they will be using motorcycles for its services in Malaysia instead, which it aims to launch “concurrently” with its Singapore service.

Featured Image Credit: Urge

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