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Let’s face it; pizza is pretty great. Everybody loves pizza.

Touch screens are pretty great, too.

Put them together and you’ll find yourself serving up a slice of the future with a touchscreen table that allows you to customize your pizza to perfection.

A wise man once said, “You can pick your friends. You can pick your toppings. But you can’t pick your friend’s toppings.Pizza Hut, with the help of design agency Chaotic Moon, proudly presents a touchscreen table concept for ordering pizzas using your fingers. And no, we don’t mean by dialling the delivery number on your phone.

The pizza chain recently released a concept video showing customers ordering pizza using a tabletop as a touchscreen surface, customising toppings, and even playing games while they wait for their order to arrive.

Choose the size of your pizza using the handy-dandy on-screen guide.


Add sauce and cheese, and you’re ready for the best part – the toppings! Add whatever you want, wherever you want – the interactive table allows you to throw toppings on the whole pizza or just on your half, because who needs anything besides pepperoni, am I right?


Once your pizza is perfect, choose from numerous sides and add-ons, not an easy task when your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Payment is equally magical. The table links to your phone (which we assume will be placed on the table), and recognises you, allowing you to pay with a saved card while seated.


After the order is placed, it’s time to sit around and make awkward conversation with your date, right? WRONG. The table also hosts a number of games, all played via the touchscreen tabletop, which you can open up for a bit of friendly competition.


Perhaps as a step towards the future of pizza-related dining, the table could incorporate smell technology, so you could be tempted by the wafting smells of your creation.

While we’re really excited about being able to perfect our own pizza, it doesn’t seem like the kind of dining experience we’d like to have every single time we go to Pizza Hut. Plus, if launched, the concept needs to include some way to deal with greasy fingerprints and sanitising the screen between diners.

But we know this for sure: touchscreen technology and pizza will make for some truly entertaining mealtimes.

So what are the chances it’ll actually get built? Pretty high, actually, according to Chaotic Moon co-founder Ben Lamm. The plan is to test out a few prototypes in high-volume Pizza Hut shops and get feedback, after which the concept could be rolled out more widely.

Let us know if you’re excited about the concept in the comments!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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