EXCLUSIVE look inside TripAdvisor APAC HQ's new office in Singapore

For the second episode of Vulcan TV– Vulcan Post’s official video channel- we are really excited to be featuring a leader in the travel space: TripAdvisor.

We are big fans of TripAdvisor ourselves, and majority of the team uses TripAdvisor to search for travel related content, notably, its travel community forums. The platform boasts abundant travel related resources and reviews. You can also make instant hotel and flights bookings through TripAdvisor.

You might have probably come across it too when you are planning for your trips.


As a lead-up to the second episode of Vulcan TV, where our team interviewed Cindy Tan, Vice President of Display Advertising Sales for TripAdvisor in Asia Pacific, here are some photos of the beautiful TripAdvisor Singapore office which we took during the shoot.

Remember, you saw it first on Vulcan Post.

TripAdvisor Entrance
TripAdvisor Entrance




Meeting cubicles and chill out corner
Gaming and recreation room



The TripAdvisor folks were doing some internet shooting too!
The TripAdvisor folks were doing some internet shooting too!
This is where the VP sits.
Open floor concept
And of course, owls everywhere in the office!

For the rest of the photos, you can view it at the image slider on top of this post.

We can’t wait to show you the final cut of Vulcan TV’s second episode. Do check back on Vulcan Post regularly for more updates!

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