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WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most commonly used social messaging app, but there is also a wide group of people who are #TeamTelegram instead.

I don’t blame them, for I’ve become a Telegram convert myself.

But what are its winning factors? Its array of sticker packs, ability to edit messages and create secret chats, as well as the various Telegram groups, channels and bots that you can follow.

We’ve compiled a list of useful Telegram channels/groups/bots that are worth following so you can enjoy good deals and have all the information you need at your fingertips:

Promo Codes:


sgcode telegram

This channel offers promo codes for just about anything — from various food delivery and ride-hailing apps, to open electricity market retailers in Singapore. Click here to join.

2. SG Cab Promos

Contrary to its name, this channel does not only cover promo codes for Singapore taxis but also for ride-hailing services from Grab, Go-Jek and Ryde, among others. Click here to join.

3. SG Student Promos

Often times, the best part about being a student is the perks that come along with it — just flash a student card to enjoy student deals. This channel curates deals and discounts for students so they can better survive the #brokestudent life. Click here to join.

4. SG Budget Babes

This female-centric channel compiles the latest beauty and fashion-related deals such as Sephora discounts, makeup warehouse sales, and promo codes for fashion e-commerce sites. Click here to join.

Food-Related Deals:

5. SG Kiasu Foodies

Don’t call yourself a Singaporean if you’re not a) kiasu, and b) a foodie. This channel offers food discounts and promotions to fellow ‘kiasu foodies’. $1 sushi deals and 1-for-1 Subway sandwiches, anyone? Click here to join.

6. SG Food Deals

Similar to the above, this channel is dedicated to pushing out food deals, promotions and discounts for local foodies. Click here to join.

Travel-Related Deals:

7. SG Travel Promos

Traveling can be expensive, but you can definitely go easier on your wallet with discounts and promotions ranging from airline tickets, travel activities, to overseas accommodations on this channel. Click here to join.

8. sgAirfarePromos

Flight tickets are often the most expensive among your travel expenses, so this channel aims to curate the latest airfare promotions so you can check out all flight deals at a glance. Click here to join.

Career Opportunities:

9. sgTuitions

If you’re looking to earn a quick buck, being a tutor is one good option (provided you have the knowledge and teaching experience). This channel lists tuition assignments in Singapore, with fees ranging from $35-$60/hour! Click here to join.

10. sgCareers

Finding a job in Singapore can be pretty tough, so this channel helps to make life a little easier for you by pushing out listings of career opportunities — from contract or project-based, to full-time positions — in Singapore. Click here to join.

11. SgQuickJobs

As the name suggests, this channel helps Singaporeans to quickly find jobs. It lists temporary jobs which are either part-time positions, or one-off projects (or assignments) that are suitable for freelancers. Click here to join.

12. sgInternship

As a fresh graduate, scoring a job without any working experience is hard and limits your salary range. It’s best to gain internship experience and exposure first with companies like Shopee, Procter & Gamble and WeWork, among others. Click here to join.

Events/Concerts in Singapore:

13. SG Weekend Plans

Weekends are so precious so it’s best to spend it with fun-filled activities before you resume the daily grind. This channel lists all the events happening over the weekends so you can spend it well. Click here to join.

14. sgWhereTo

Quit complaining that there’s nothing to do in Singapore because this channel will prove you wrong. It tells you all the latest events happening in Singapore so you don’t miss out. Click here to join.

15. SG Concerts

If you’re a music lover and/or a concert junkie, this channel lets you know all the concerts happening in Singapore so you can promptly camp for the tickets during sales. Click here to join.

Transportation in Singapore:

16. SG Hitch

This Telegram group offers carpooling services to Singaporeans and claims to offer a “cheaper alternative” following the termination of late-night GrabHitch services. Do note that fares are not fixed, and subject to mutual agreement. Click here to join.

17. SG MRT

Train breakdowns can get especially frustrating when it causes a delay in your travel plans. This bot notifies you of any MRT breakdowns, train faults, and even early closures and late openings so you can better plan your route. Click here to join.

18. Bus Uncle

This bot tells you how long the bus will take to arrive, and guides you to anywhere in Singapore with witty Singlish conversations and humorous banters. Click here to join.

19. SGUpdate

Instead of tuning in to the radio for traffic updates, you can get be notified on road accidents and obstacles in real-time via this channel so you can avoid congestion and make the necessary detours. Click here to join.

20. SGCustom

Singaporeans love traveling to Johor Bahru for cheap food, massages and shopping. This channel offers updates on the causeway traffic conditions, fuel checks, and even the latest currency exchange. Click here to join.

Other Singaporean Things:

21. sgBTO

This channel is extremely useful for couples looking to apply for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat, as it allows you to discuss on upcoming sites as well as share relevant insights and analyses. Click here to join.

22. TOTOhuatbot

We don’t advocate gambling, but the occasional 4D and TOTO is definitely harmless. Besides checking on the winning numbers, this bot also allows you to check on TOTO draw dates and prize money. Click here to join.

23. Seedly Personal Finance SG

Millennials are notorious for having poor financial planning habits. This channel feeds useful financial advice and information, such as how much quitting Starbucks can help you save and what you can do in Johor Bahru on a budget. Click here to join.

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If you know of any other cool and useful Telegram channels/bots/groups worth following, let us know in the comments section below!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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