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In May this year, Fave Malaysia moved its employees into a brand-new office designed just for the brand.

The office was built with the contribution and expertise of H Space, a company that specialises in creating suitable work environments for brands.

Welcome to the office

Set in Bangsar South, the office overlooks the city of Kuala Lumpur and employees get a nice almost-360 view from the 28th floor.

Through the many windows, you can also watch as the sun sets against the city at dusk, signalling the end of the workday closing in.

Fave appears to be a company that’s (deservingly) proud of their brand, and the word “Fave” can be found throughout the space.

At the entrance into the immediate working area, you’ll see a hot pink word sculpture that spells out “fave” welcoming you.

Image Credit: Fave

In the working area, etched deeply into a wall is again the word “FAVE”, with the “F”, “A” and “E” designed to be spaces where you can sit and work, too.

The designated working area is communal and employs an open-concept approach so employees can move around and easily interact with colleagues.

There’s room for everyone

With about 180 employees at Fave Malaysia, they’ve ensured that the office is spacious enough for the comfort of everyone.

Image Credit: Fave

If you need a spot where you can be rid of distractions to focus on your work, there are private booths available for your use.

For collaboration amongst colleagues, discussion rooms offer you the privacy to meet up and talk freely.

There’s even a small hall equipped with a projector where presentations and events can be held for office affairs without disrupting the workflow of uninvolved employees.

Employees are also given individual lockers that they can safely store their personal belongings in when they leave the office momentarily or for the day.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Image Credit: Fave

Throughout the workday, you may find yourself getting sleepy, especially so after lunch. You may also just find yourself needing a short break from work.

For the sleepy ones, there are napping pods. These dimmed individual spaces come complete with mattresses and pillows for you to catch a quick snooze.

Image Credit: Fave

To combat your boredom, there are the choices of a ping pong table, an electronic scoreboard arcade basketball sports game and an indoor mini-golf course.

Image Credit: Fave

There’s also an indoor exercise bike if you want to cycle the drowsiness away or fit in a spontaneous workout during your break.

Image Credit: Fave

If the best way for you to shake off the sleepiness or boredom is by talking to your colleagues, a bar is available for you to sit and chat at.

For those who love snacking at moments during the workday, there’s a stocked-up pantry with cookies, chips and energy bars.

Image Credit: Fave

Food and transport options

Fave’s office is still a work in progress, despite all the facilities and amenities already available.

Every couple of weeks, there are new additions to the space for the benefit of employees. Just last week, a prayer room was added for their Muslim employees.

The inside of the office may be impressive, but you might be wondering about the ease of getting food and access to public transportation.

Image Credit: Fave

The Sphere is a nearby mall with a bunch of restaurant options while the Horizon has a food court. For those on more of a budget, street stalls and mamaks are a couple of minutes’ walk away.

Kerinchi and KL Gateway University stations are also within walking distance, and Fave employees make good use of their accessibility to public transportation.

Employees who drive can easily find parking in the building Fave occupies but unfortunately, while seasonal parking is available, the rates are not subsidised by the company.


All in all, personally I’d say that Fave is quite the attractive office in terms of facilities, amenities and accessibility to food options and public transportation.

The one thing that I can’t speak for is Fave Malaysia’s company culture, as it’s something one would have to experience for themselves to make a judgement upon.

For further visual information, check out a video of their new office below:

Video Credit: Fave

Having taken this office “tour”, if you’re interested in applying to work at Fave, they’re currently hiring for a number of roles such as Business Development Executive, Digital Marketing Specialist and IT Executive.

There’s also an internship program available for those simply looking to gain some short-term working experience with a well-known company.

However, if you find yourself thinking, “Fave’s office is pretty awesome but it’s not the right one for me”, check out these other cool offices who are also hiring that we featured earlier this month.

  • Fave’s office is located at 28-1 The Vertical Corporate Tower B, Avenue 10, Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Their working hours are from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, though the company also practices flexible working hours.
  • Find out more about Fave here.

Featured Image Credit: Fave

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