Even if your baggage is found after the initial 96-hour window, you’ll still receive a payout of at least S$1,100 for the inconvenience.

Jared Alex Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2019-07-31 17:03:33

Changi Airport’s chief ground-handling and in-flight catering provider SATS rolled out an update for their Ready To Travel app today, adding several useful features to improve your travel experience.

Probably the most interesting addition is Bag Locate, which promises to track any missing baggage for 96 hours and provides real-time updates via email. If your bags aren’t found within that time, you’ll receive a guaranteed payout of at least S$1,100.

The service is split into three tiers: Gold (S$6/plan), Platinum (S$9/plan) and Diamond (S$12/plan). The difference between the three lies in the payout that you’ll receive — a gold plan caps the compensation at S$1,100, while the Diamond Plan bumps that amount to S$2,200.

Image Credit: SATS

Even if your baggage is found after the initial 96-hour window, you’ll still receive the payout for the inconvenience. We don’t know about you, but S$12 — let alone S$6 — sounds like a fair price for that kind of peace of mind.

The update also introduced an Airport Lounge feature, which — as the name implies — allows travellers to access over 400 airport lounges in over 100 countries. The service is membership-free, allowing you enjoy these facilities without paying any annual fees.

Rounding out the list of new features is Trip Planning, which allows multiple users to manage and edit a single itinerary, Google Docs-style. Users can store travel documents, reservations and bookings in one place, which is great for less organised travellers.

Image Credit: SATS

These new features seem like a natural progression of Ready To Travel’s existing services, which include travel insurance, airport concierge, and pocket WiFi rentals to over 138 countries.

“Ready To Travel’s goal is to empower a seamless and hassle-free travel experience for travellers today,” SATS’ Vice President of Consumer Services Eileen Tan said in a press release. Looking at what they have to offer, we’d say they’re getting there.

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