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Off the top of our heads when we’re asked about what activewear brands we can name, like robots we’ll say: “Adidas, Nike,” followed by a moment of thoughtful silence before concluding with “Puma.”

These are all globally-known brands, so it’s no surprise that we equate them to “top” or “quality” activewear products. Over the years, however, we’ve had local brands emerge in the activewear market, too.

Listed out in alphabetical order below are 10 Malaysian activewear brands that cater to women specifically, with some of their founders being active women themselves. Since this isn’t a review, the focus is on their prices rather than their quality.

1. Banana Fighter

Banana Fighter’s founder, Mandy Yap comes from a fashion design background and is into fitness herself. Her brand focuses on women’s athleisure, which is a term commonly used to describe clothing that can double as both exercise and everyday wear.

Image Credit: Banana Fighter

Its line offers sports bras instead of sleeved shirts, with some jumpsuits and mesh tank tops thrown in. For bottoms, you can choose between shorts or leggings.

Their sports bras and leggings cost over RM100 but under RM139, and they offer sizes S to L. They’re made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, 2 materials proven to be moisture-wicking, which means they transfer moisture from your skin to the fabric surface and keep you dry.

2. Seni by Fit Rebel

In 2016, Fit Rebel was voted “Best Local Online Store” by TimeOut magazine. Its founder Nadia Hasbi started her entrepreneurial journey by bringing Brazilian fitness and swimwear brand Liquido into Malaysia after she fell in love with bikinis in Brazil.

It was 2015 when she launched Fit Rebel to carry different ranges along with her own called Seni by Fit Rebel. The Seni range is inspired by batik (a technique of wax-resist dyeing cloth), and Nadia collaborated with batik artists to come up with 5 designs.

Image Credit: Seni by Fit Rebel

The designs were then digitalised and printed on leggings, the only product the Seni range carries for now. Their leggings are on the pricier side compared to the others on the list at RM179 and RM199, with a few limited-edition ones priced at RM219. Their sizes run from S to XL.


HERMS activewear was founded in 2017 by Hermoine Goh, who wanted comfortable, stylish outfits for her own active lifestyle. The brand carries sports bras, tops and bottoms.

Image Credit: HERMS

The materials used for their clothing are nylon and polyester spandex. Their sports bras are available in sizes XS to XL, while their tops and bottoms are only available in sizes S to XL.

Some of their leggings are the most expensive on this list at prices of RM79 to RM198, but their tops at RM49 to RM89 and their sports bras at RM79 to RM99 are within a more affordable price range.


HWOOFIT states that their bras “blur the aesthetic lines of lingerie and active”. Besides offering low to high-impact sports bras, they also carry leggings and tops. If you fancy matching sets of activewear, they carry that too.

Image Credit: HWOOFIT

Their sports bras cost RM50 to RM80, though they don’t detail what kind of materials are used in the designs. Their size range is S to XL. HWOOFIT’s tops cost RM55 to RM75, and their leggings are priced at a maximum of RM109.

If you’ve been looking for leggings with pockets for your phone or smaller belongings, you might be able to find a pair here with various choices of colour and design.

5. Liberty Active

Liberty Active is a fitness wear brand with its products made and designed in Malaysia. I would say their clothing can be categorised as athleisure, since they also say that their pieces can be “worn from the gym to the streets”.

Image Credit: Liberty Active

Designed with active women in mind, their clothing line consists of sports bras, tops, leggings and shorts made out of polyester spandex, much like many other brands. Their sports bra cost RM49 to RM95, their tops from RM55 to RM70, and their most expensive leggings are priced at RM122.

You’ll also be able to find leggings with phone pockets on the side and matching sets of activewear on their online store.


LIVLOLA is the brainchild of two sisters with a passion for fashion. While the brand was initially created for handbag designs, it now also offers activewear styled after the athleisure trend.

Image Credit: LIVLOLA

They offer sports bras, tops, bottoms and sets. Their sports bras start at the price of RM65 and stop at RM89, their tops all cost RM89, and their bottoms start at RM109, going up to RM119.

Their sizes are a little more limited at a range of S to L, and their clothing material consists of nylon and elastane.

7. OWN

OWN was founded in 2016 to create workout outfits for women and produce some of their products locally while importing others. They also offer customisation options for events or gym/fitness centre members.

Image Credit: OWN

On their website, you’ll find sports bras, tops, leggings and bodysuits. Their sports bras cost RM49 to RM79 while their tops start at RM39. Their bottoms (shorts and leggings) are priced at RM89 maximum.

Some of their sports bras have removable padding and all of their activewear is made from nylon and spandex. The sizes they carry are from S to L.

8. Perfect Bella

Perfect Bella was established in 2014 with a goal to empower everyday women through activewear. They carry sports bras, various tops and bottoms and also offer matching sets. While their usual sizes run from S to XL, they have plus-sized lines, too.

Image Credit: Perfect Bella

The plus-sized sports bras, tops and bottoms, while limited in design choices, are available up to size 4XL. Mainly made out of nylon and spandex, their clothing is elastic and moisture-wicking for comfort.

Prices for their sports bras are between RM69 and RM159, and their tights start at RM59 and go up to RM119. A top might cost you RM59 to RM149, depending on its design. Their plus-sized clothing costs within the aforementioned price ranges as well.

9. Ryada Activewear

Ryada Activewear is catered to Muslim women who want clothing that is both modest yet suitable for exercising. While they do carry the usual line of sports bras, they also offer sports hijabs, long-sleeved tops that are less figure-hugging (with some almost resembling short dresses), and skirt pants.

Image Credit: Ryada Activewear

Their sports bras cost RM79, their sports hijabs RM59, their tops RM109 to RM159 depending on the design, and their skirt pants cost RM169. Their tops are made out of cotton, bamboo fabric, viscose and elastane while their skirt pants consist of polyamide, polyester and spandex, similar to their sports bras.

For their tops, sizes S to 3XL are available and their skirt pants carry sizes up to 5XL. Ryada sports bras can be bought in sizes S to XL+.


While XIERRA doesn’t explicitly mention that they only cater to women with their activewear, they currently only carry women’s clothing. Their name is derived from the word “sierra”, which is a range of steep mountains.

Image Credit: XIERRA

They specialise in thermal activewear made from a mixture of neoprene, nylon and spandex which they claim helps the wearer lose weight more effectively by producing more sweat and thus burning more calories.

XIERRA doesn’t carry sports bras; customers only have the choices of a pair of thermal pants, shorts and a singlet. The thermal pants cost RM149, the shorts RM99, and the singlet costs RM119. All of their clothing is offered in sizes XS to 3XL.


As someone who doesn’t work out much (read: at all), I don’t particularly feel a need to fork out money for specific activewear catered to women.

However, it’s good to see that if I ever decide to exercise and buy the correct clothing for it, there are affordable and inclusive options available to me from brands that also are proudly Malaysian.

Furthermore, I’ll be able to support some female entrepreneurs with my purchases.

  • You can read about other sportswear brands we’ve covered here.

Featured Image Credit: Liberty Active / Fit Rebel / Ryada Activewear

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