SingPost 'Stamps' Out Lost Mail In S'pore As It Unveils Smart Stamp, Letterbox Prototypes

SingPost unveiled today prototypes of a new smart stamp and letterbox to boost delivery efficiency and cut down on lost mail.

With this new system, Singaporeans can track their mail at every stage of the delivery process. This is possible thanks to the smart stamps, which are embedded with a form of QR code.

Meanwhile, the smart letterbox works like a vending machine that dispense both letters and parcels. It features a touch-screen interface and can scan QR codes to sort mail deposited by postmen into storage slots.

Recipients will receive notifications when their mail arrives, and they can retrieve it via a mobile app, among other forms of authentication like facial recognition.

According to SingPost, they innovations are the first in the world and represent the firm’s vision for the future of postal service.

Singapore head and chief executive of postal services Vincent Phang said that SingPost is currently in talks with the authorities to roll this system islandwide, but nothing is set in stone as of now.

He added that this technology already exists in the market, it’s just a matter of “putting the whole thing in place together as a complete workflow.”

SingPost previously shared that it is eyeing larger and smarter letterboxes as current letterboxes are shoebox-sized and cannot fit most e-commerce deliveries.

Last year, SingPost and Blu collaborated to operate lockers under IMDA’s Locker Alliance pilot.

It allows Punggol and Bukit Panjang residents to collect their purchases from e-commerce sites such as Lazada and Taobao from more than 60 parcel lockers across HDB estates and some MRT stations.

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