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WeChat has launched the next sticker craze with the release of its new MojiMe app. Available for both Android and iOS users, the new app allows users to take selfies to a whole new level.

Users start by taking a headshot selfie of themselves and their picture will be incorporated with the wide variety of character themes provided. The themes such as “Surprise”, “TV Drama” and “Cute Girl” are bound to enhance the users conversations with even more laughter and joy.

With these new sticker sensations, we may just be saying goodbye to the static 2D emojis that have long dominated the instant messaging platforms.

MojiMe also allows for “Buddy Moji” mode where friends can share the limelight and create animated characters with both their faces on the characters. And surprise! Even more themes ranging from unique cartoons such as “Rabbit”, “Prince” and “BFF” are available to the users of the “Buddy Moji”.

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Image Credit: WeChat

What more, users can download even more animations from the sticker gallery, as new stickers will be added from time to time, according to WeChat. With this large range of animations to choose from, there is definitely a “Moji” to describe your everyday spectrum of feelings and emotions.

The app, which is already integrated with WeChat, enables its users to use the stickers instantaneously and share it with their friends on WeChat. These unique selfies turned characters are then saved into the user’s Moments timeline.

However, the developers of MojiMe do not only stop there but also aims to go beyond its competitors such as Line and Between.

Not only enhancing the user’s conversation with WeChat, it also gamifies the user experience by incorporating activities between users such as Whack-A-Mole. This game incorporates the animations the user has created and saved in their Moments timeline as the moles in which they have to hit in the game!

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Image Credit: WeChat

The Sticker Craze Competition

WeChat jumps onto the sticker craze along with other instant messaging platforms such as LINE and Between who have already incorporated animated stickers. However, the latter apps require the user to pay whereas developers of MojiMe offers it for free.

The developers of WeChat and MojiMe, China’s Tencent, has also enabled users to share the cartoons and moments created with the app, to not only their contacts on WeChat, but also those on Facebook and on a more personal level, through email as well.

By streamlining and allowing users of MojiMe to connect with their already existing contacts, these new stickers will definitely create waves in the social networking arena and may even catch up to its competitors such as Line.

With the sticker craze coming to town, it’s undeniable that other prominent instant messaging platforms that have yet to join in the sticker craze, will do so in the next upcoming months.

So, Whatsapp, it’s your move now.

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