Sameride App is offering on-demand carpooling services from Singapore to JB and vice versa, and will be fully operational from 30 Dec 2019.

Published 2019-12-27 11:58:19

Johor Bahru might be a favourite among Singaporeans for a quick getaway, but travelling across the border means needing to endure excruciating hours-long jams.

While there isn’t any solution to ending jams altogether, fewer vehicles on the road still can result in a shorter wait.

This is where Sameride App wants to come in.

Sameride App, first established in 2016 in Washington, DC, is an on-demand carpool app that wants to “enhance ride communication among drivers and riders commuting on the same route”.

Almost 300 Johor-Singapore commuters have pre-registered in the Sameride app over the last two weeks, and the app is fully operational for Johor-Singapore commuters starting 30 Dec 2019.

Sameride estimates that users who commute between Johor and Singapore will be able to significantly reduce the cost of their commute up to 2 times compared to taxi services.

The Sameride App is available for Android and iOS, and users have the flexibility to be riders or drivers, set their pick-up time and locations, create ride offers or requests a few hours or a few days before their commute.

  • Find out more about Sameride here.

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