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Most business owners face different challenges every day. Be it slow internet, mismanaged data allocation or a complaining customer: “You only take cash ah?”.

To solve problems like these, Celcom is introducing a simple solution with Celcom Business SuiteTM Retail.

The package features a variety of business solutions that’ll benefit SMEs or enterprises in retail circles such as F&B and online business owners.

Ultimately, it aims to smoothen the workflow while assisting in the growth of the business.

We took a look at the website, and the package comes with a lot of technical terms. So, we will attempt to simplify and list out what it offers while totalling up the price.

1. Control Everyone’s Data With Celcom Business AllShareTM

Celcom Business AllShareTM Gold comes with 180GB of monthly internet, unlimited calls and SMS to all networks along with 5 Free Line numbers.

This means 5 people in your team (including you) can have a dedicated phone line just for work.

Allocating data from your quota can easily be done. / Image Credit: Celcom

As the PIC (person-in-charge), you can allocate data to specific lines. For example, Ben requires more internet than Ronald who only uses it for calls. You can then allocate more data to Ben within the 180GB quota you have.

You can tack on additional phone lines depending on your team size too.

Current Total: The Celcom Business AllShareTM Gold package starts at just RM490.

2. Get Plug & Play Internet Access For Your Business With Celcom Business Wireless

Wi-Fi is almost a necessity nowadays for F&B businesses. / Image Credit: Celcom

The Celcom Business Wireless package comes with a router which allows your business to stay connected via 4G internet. The plus side? You don’t even have to drill holes or mount the router on walls. It’s a simple plug-and-play system.

Disclaimer: It is not a Wi-Fi dongle, so it won’t be usable outside of your registered address.

You will get 150GB worth of monthly internet quota with up to 1000GB of monthly Video or Music Walla.

You can also give Wi-Fi access to your customers. Having extras like free Wi-Fi could keep them in your store for longer.

Current Total: This costs RM135 (usual price: RM150), bringing your current total to RM625.

3. Let Your Customers Pay Via Credit Card With Celcom SafePay mPOS

A free mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) device is also packaged together, giving your customers the ability to pay you with debit or credit cards.

It will need to be paired with a phone’s Bluetooth to work though.

Save your customers from the hassle of digging through their wallets, / Image Credit: Celcom

In urban areas where e-payments are more of the norm, it is essential for you to have a mPOS system because customers might be reluctant to use your service otherwise. After all, everyone wants convenience and alternative ways to pay.

Current Total: As mentioned, the Celcom SafePay mPOS is free, so you’re still just on RM625.

4. Reach Out To Your Customers With OMNI Communication

Telling your customers of upcoming promotions sounds like a hassle if you have to reach out to them individually.

With the OMNI Messaging Service that’s bundled together, you can engage customers on different platforms through a single platform. You can reach out to your customers via SMS, Voice, Email, Facebook and even through Push Notifications.

Easily reach out to your customers. / Image Credit: Celcom

However, rates might differ depending on the service you use. But with this package, you get 100 Free SMS that you can use to notify your customer.

Save yourself the hassle of digging through Facebook or your phone’s contacts.

Current Total: OMNI Communication runs on a Pay Per Use basis, so the current total is still RM625.

5. Build A Virtual Office With Celcom VirtuExtTM

Celcom VirtuExtTM simply means a virtual extension. It allows you to redirect calls to mobile numbers using the Celcom VirtuExtTM SwitchBoard.

In layman’s terms, calls made to the landlines can be redirected to mobile numbers through this feature. This means that your business can be contacted even when you’re not in the building.

The caller can decide who they wish to talk to. / Image Credit: Celcom

The SwitchBoard can also be controlled and managed easily by the Enterprise Admin and Attendants. Conference calls can also be conducted via Celcom VirtuExtTM, saving you the time and money from fussing with other conference call solutions.

Just like a traditional extension, multiple customers can call your business with just a single number—anywhere and anytime.

Now you’ll never miss that important sale because of a missed call anymore.

Current Total: The Celcom VirtuEXTTM will cost you RM30 (usually costs RM60) for 3 extensions, bringing your total to RM655.

6. Add-On Options

The package also allows you to opt-in for other add-ons, depending on your needs.

Let’s say that you need to handle word docs or spreadsheets for your business. You can opt-in for the Office 365 – Business Essentials package for just RM13 a month and that’ll give you online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint for up to 300 users.

If you require more extensions on your Celcom VirtuEXTTM, you can add an extension for an additional RM10 per extension.

You could also add-on LBA (Location-Based Advertising) which allows you to personalise marketing campaigns and send those out via SMS to the right target customer at the right time.

Image Credit: Celcom

Savings Galore

By subscribing to Celcom Business SuiteTM Retail, you’re saving RM1,080 (RM 15 + RM30 for 24 months). You’ll also be saving on precious time when you subscribe to this package.

Celcom Business AllShareTM will spare you from worrying about incurring additional costs on personal numbers for you and your team while at work.

Having a Wi-Fi connection from Celcom Business Wireless will keep your business connected and offering your customers free Wi-Fi will potentially keep them on the premises for longer.

Celcom VirtuEXTTM and OMNI Communications will bring in more potential customers or sales too. With Celcom SafePay mPOS, you’re giving your customers more alternate ways to pay, and that’ll save time on both parties.

With this bundle, you can focus on your business and not sweat on the small communication stuff.

  • Find out more about the Celcom Business SuiteTM Retail here.

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