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Locally, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on most businesses, especially SMEs, forcing them to rely purely on deliveries, while others are forced to shutter and remain idle. 

For the businesses that are still working, they have to practice good sanitary procedures to ensure that both staff and customers don’t get in contact with the virus.

At my nearby Jaya Grocer, they started out by sanitising a customer’s hands before going in, but they’ve now stepped up to give customers gloves instead.

But, the smaller businesses such as your favourite Char Kueh Teow auntie might not be able to operate because of the reduced foot traffic.

This is how Boost wants to help counter that and give them a fighting chance throughout this period.

1. Accept Cashless Payments Anytime

Running a business in this period is tough. 

For those unaware, Boost has previously announced a solution called Boost Payment Link to make things easier for Malaysian businesses nationwide.

Essentially, Boost Payment Link is a link that businesses can send to their customers via WhatsApp, e-mail or regular messages, and the customers can make payment by just clicking on the link.

When the customer clicks on the link, it will launch their Boost app, with all the merchant details filled in, so, all they have to do is just pay.

Previously, to pay with Boost, customers will either have to scan a static QR Boost code near the cashier. But this option will allow merchants to still accept payment via Boost without scanning a QR code.

To access Boost Payment Link, all you have to do is go to your profile, key in the amount and share the link to your customer. Boost has also made a short video detailing the steps.

An example of a Business Payment Link sent via iMessage

Note: Clicking on Share Link will simply share your business link, customers can key in the amount themselves. But, if you click on Enter Amount, you can key in the amount yourself, so all the customer has to do is pay.

Boost has also informed Vulcan Post that the payment link is secure. If you sent a link to your customer with an amount, they will not be able to alter the amount. 

The Boost Payment Link feature is available to all Boost Merchants. If you’re not signed up, you could sign up online.

Once all the documents are handed over, representatives from Boost will contact you and you can start doing your transactions through Boost. 

This means that businesses that are Boosted can now operate remotely and accept cashless payments from their customers whenever. But, not all companies can remain operational, and this is where Aspirasi comes in.

2. Get Financing Solutions From Aspirasi

Boost has teamed up with Aspirasi, an end-to-end digital financial service platform that offers micro-SMEs and SMEs financial and insurance solutions.

To parry the impact of COVID-19 on micro-SMEs, Aspirasi rolled out Aspirasi Assist to support businesses under this segment.

Aspirasi Assist is here to help micro-SMEs / Image Credit: Aspirasi

Aspirasi Assist is a platform that channels financing to micro-SMEs as part of the RM150 million COVID-19 Assistance program, previously announced by Axiata Group Berhad.

To be eligible for Aspirasi Assist, you’ll need to fit these criteria:

  1. Be a Boost Merchant,
  2. Operate according to the Shariah concept,
  3. Have a healthy credit score (which will be checked by Aspirasi),
  4. Be a Malaysian citizen above the age of 18.

Aspirasi Assist offers two additional solutions called Aspirasi Capital, to provide working capital to micro-SMEs and Aspirasi SME OwnerProtect-X Insurance coverage.

According to Aspirasi, the insurance covers general insurance with COVID-19 assistance. For those that take up the coverage, they’ll also be eligible for a Boost Care Package.

3. Caring For Your Businesses

Speaking of care packages, Boost informed us they’ll be giving Boost Care Packages to high priority Boost merchants such as F&B takeaway and delivery merchants as they’re still active, serving the nation.

They’ll be including packages such as hand sanitisers, masks, anti-bacterial wet wipes and a COVID-19 educational leaflet to these merchants.


Operating a business during MCO is not easy and Boost knows that. They want businesses to know that Boost and Aspirasi are here to assist.

Boost would like to do our part to show our gratitude and support to our merchants, who are our front-line heroes.

  • To sign up to be a Boosted Merchant today, click here
  • Find out more about Aspirasi here.
  • Head on to Boost’s Facebook for the latest news and information.

Featured Image Credit: Boost

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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