Fortitude Budget: Close To 100,000 New Roles Will Be Created With SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package

As part of the Fortitude budget announced in Parliament today (May 26), the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package will be launched to create close to 100,000 opportunities in three areas – 40,000 jobs, 25,000 traineeships and 30,000 skills training courses.

To do this, the public sector will bring forward hiring to meet long-term needs, like early childhood education, healthcare and long-term care.

Together with jobs to meet short-term needs related to Covid-19 operations, such as healthcare declaration assistants and swabbers, the public sector will create 15,000 jobs.

Agencies will also work with businesses to create another 25,000 jobs. This brings the number to 40,000 new jobs.

There will also be 25,0000 new traineeships, consisting of 21,000 traineeships from the existing SGUnited Traineeship programme and 4,000 from the new SGUnited Mid-Career Traineeships scheme for unemployed mid-career job seekers.

Agencies will work with interested companies to provide the 4,000 traineeships for mid-career job seekers.

To be provided from June, the traineeships will help the trainees gain industry-relevant experience, after which they may be placed in full-time jobs with their internship companies.

In addition, the new SGUnited Skills programme will expand training capacity for about 30,000 job seekers this year.

Featured Image Credit: AFP

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