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When it comes to office or business laptops provided by the company, most of us would automatically think of laptops that are old, heavy, and slow.

My mum’s company just recently updated all of its employees’ laptops and it cost them a pretty penny. And now, she has to lug around two laptops to the office because the old one is still used for other operations.

Depending on the specs, a high-end business laptop could cost around RM5,000. And if the company has 20 employees, that will cost about RM100,000 to upgrade everyone. And that’s a lot of initial costs for just laptops. 

One of the ways to tackle that is to go through a leasing process. While it is not new, many companies don’t realise what flexible options are now available to them.

SRKK Computers is an IT company that specialises in hardware solutions and consultancy. They can help you get the right hardware for your organisation, be it for leasing or buying.

Under SRKK’s belt, they have a host of leasing programmes with different types of hardware ranging from HP ZBooks to HP ProBooks and HP EliteBooks. 

And here’s a quick overview of the benefits of leasing.

1. Low Starting Costs

A lease is basically just like a subscription where you pay a monthly fee without heavy starting costs.

SRKK’s leasing plans start from RM2,400 a month for 20 units of the HP ProBook. The ProBook is equipped with an Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and a 14-inch display. On HP’s official site, 1 unit of HP ProBook is priced at around RM3,361.

The HP ProBook / Image Credit: HP

Quick Maths: RM3,361 x 20 = RM67,220 for 20 units of HP ProBook. Alternatively, a year-long lease of the HP ProBook from SRKK will only cost you RM28,800 a year.

2. An Easy Hardware Refresh 

When it comes to leasing, you don’t have to worry about your company laptops being outdated.

After your current leasing contract is over, you can simply opt for another one. And if you realise that you don’t need such a powerful laptop, you can customise your lease to your company’s requirement.

Either way, your company won’t be stuck with an old machine that’s barely functioning. And speaking of functioning, SRKK also offers DaaS (Device as a Service) support to their customers.

3. Your Laptops Are Being Watched Over

DaaS allows SRKK to monitor the health of your company’s laptops. For example, if an employee realises their laptop is slowing down randomly, DaaS will kick in and automatically reach out to SRKK, well before the laptop stops functioning.

The SRKK team said that this allows them to fix the problem even before it comes up, saving you and the company from headache and heartache of losing vital data.

They also know how important this feature is for businesses, so DaaS is packaged and included in all of their leasing programmes.

The DaaS dashboard for SRKK to keep an eye out on your laptop’s performance / Image Credit: HP

DaaS also allows SRKK to update the laptops automatically and deploy anti-virus software onto the laptops easily and safely, keeping your fleet of laptops safe from malware or security attacks.

For an added peace of mind, SRKK has a team dedicated for warranty support, so if you run into any issues, you can simply reach out to them to solve your issues immediately.

4. Flexible Terms

Unlike most purchases, leasing does not lock you down to a permanent payment plan. If you wish, you can simply extend or reduce the terms, or choose one that fits your needs.

Taking the HP ProBook example, the RM2,400 a month for 20 units of ProBook is a 3-year leasing programme.

SRKK’s leasing programme allows you to tweak it to suit your own company. For example, You can take on a 2-year leasing programme (which has more interest compared to a 3-year lease), provided that is what you wish to do.

After the 2-year is up, you can take on another leasing programme.

Giving Customers Access To Premium Products 

The SRKK team told us that they don’t just lease out mid-range business laptops, but they also have leasing programmes for top-of-the-line devices for companies that want the premium goods.

For example, your company can also lease the HP Elite Dragonfly, one of the newest laptops from HP, refreshed for the year 2020. SRKK is offering the HP Elite Dragonfly equipped with the Intel Core i7 processor, with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage.

The HP Elite Dragonfly can be used in tablet mode too / Image Credit: HP

The HP Elite Dragonfly is a 2-in-1 laptop, and that means it can be a tablet as well, thanks to the 13-inch touchscreen. And you can also get this on SRKK’s leasing programme for just RM 5,600 a month for 20 units of the HP Elite Dragonfly.

In terms of protection, the HP Elite Dragonfly comes with HP Privacy Camera, allowing users to close the front camera when not in use. HP Sure View is also included to prevent prying eyes from looking at your laptop from other angles.

According to HP, 80% of the mechanical parts within HP Elite Dragonfly is actually made up of recycled materials too.

Do note that the minimum number of PCs you are able to lease from SRKK is 20. If you want to find out more about their leasing program, leave us your details below and they will get in touch with you.


At the end of the day, leasing allows you to equip your team with powerful business laptops without spending heavy initial costs and it even allows you to keep an eye out on your company’s expenditure as the price remains the same every month.

From a business perspective, leasing allows businesses to better plan out their finances, to improve their company’s cash flow; and since cash is king, leasing also allows you to have more cash on hand for your core business needs since there is no need to fork out a large lump sum upfront.

From a technological perspective, you can get a new machine every three years, just in time before your computers start having problems.

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The minimum order number for leasing with SRKK is 20 PCs.

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