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Asian cuisine is one of the most popular and loved in the world. After all, almost every country comes with either a China Town or a neighbourhood dedicated to Asian-specific restaurants, stalls, and so on.

Despite its popularity, people tend to stick to Asian main dishes and most of them have not been introduced to Asian cakes yet! We speak to Cake Delivery Singapore on the ten most popular cakes that you have to try!

  1. Japanese Cheesecake

Known as cotton cheesecake, this Japanese dessert is fluffier and spongier than your usual cheesecake. Moreover, it can be eaten hot or cold.

The recipe is based on the original käsekuchen, invented in Germany.

  1. Durian Cakes

This type of cake is somewhat common in the southern part of Asia, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. It is made using Durian, the king of fruits.

The fruit’s pungent smell makes for diverse cakes, especially if combined with really sweet flavors. Services of cake delivery in Singapore can easily provide you with Durian cakes – ideal for when you’re on the run and need something to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

  1. Kuis Lapis

This is yet another cake that’s very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a layered cake made of water, sugar, tapioca flour, food coloring, rice flour, and pandan leaves.

Kuis Lapis is best served cool!

  1. Sans Rival

While it comes from France, Sans Rival is a classic in the Philippines. Using dacquoise layers, the cake is crispy on the outside and extremely smooth on the inside, thanks to the buttercream.

The Filipino version of the cake adds toasted cashews for a more noticeable taste.

  1. Kutsinta

Yet another Filipino cake, Kutsinta is a type of sweet made with brown sugar, glutinous rice flour, and lye water.

After being steamed, the cake is sprinkled with coconut flakes!

  1. Kue Putu

This Indonesian cake is prepared using glutinous rice flour as well. On top of that, it also contains pandan leaves. The interesting part is that the entire cake is steamed in bamboo tubes!

It is one of Asia’s best green-colored snacks!

  1. Bibingka

Bibingka is a simple, yet delicious Filipino cake. All you need to make it is water and rice flour – for the original version. Modern takes on the cake include eggs, milk, coconut milk, butter, cheese, and various toppings.

It is usually eaten during Christmas!

  1. Banh da Lon

This cake comes from Vietnam and is packed with a bunch of chewy layers. It usually contains mung beans, rice flour, tapioca starch, and water (or coconut milk for a fancier version).

It is best served cold – of course, after it has been steamed!

  1. Banh Chuoi

The Banh Chuoi contains bananas and can be either baked or steamed. The bananas are usually surrounded by coconut milk, eggs, coconut, bread, and a variety of other optional ingredients.

Because one can use so many ingredients when making this cake, it could be safe to say that Banh Chuoi cakes are never the same!

  1. Sfouf

Our last entry comes from Lebanon and is a cake designed for special occasions. It is usually prepared with semolina, turmeric (hence its bright yellow color), aniseed, pine nuts, and sesame paste.

This cake also comes with two variants – either moist or dry. As such, one tasting of Sfouf is not enough for the full experience!

The Bottom Line

We know that the Asian spicy dishes are worth dying for! But it’s not fair for the delicious cakes mentioned above to be left out.

Therefore, make sure to try at least one of the above. Be it a Durian or Kuis Lapis cake, we’re certain that you won’t regret giving Asian cakes a shot.

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