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In 2019 alone, Singapore threw away around 744,000 tonnes of food and 200,000 tonnes of disposables. It is an amount that is not sustainable in the long run.

At this current rate of disposal, Semakau Landfill, Singapore’s only landfill, will run out of space by 2035.

Changing the mindsets of Singaporeans is the first step towards a more sustainable future.

Thus, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has introduced YEStival — a five-day online festival to encourage a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle through reduction of food wastage and consumption of disposables.

‘Say Yes To Waste Less’

Image Credit: NEA Clean and Green via Facebook

The youth-driven event will be held on NEA’s Clean & Green Singapore Facebook page from 18 – 22 October, as part of NEA’s Say YES to Waste Less (SYTWL) campaign.

Hosted by popular local artistes, YEStival will feature daily videos where viewers can learn about simple lifestyle tips to reduce the use of disposables and food wastage.

The event was kicked-off with an interview with Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment (MSE).

The first day of YEStival featured a five-minute webisode titled
Dabao Sundays with Xiao Ming from SGAG.

Features From Prominent Local Personalities

benjamin kheng nea yestival
Image Credit: NEA Clean and Green via Facebook

The festival features an impressive line-up of Singaporean personalities, including actresses Anette Lee, Haley and Jaley Woo, as well as musician Benjamin Kheng.

The public will get to go Grocery Shopping with Hayley & Jayley Woo on day three.

In the video, the twins and their parents face temptations during their grocery shopping to cook a family dinner.

The actresses will prove to viewers that there is no need to overbuy, and that in order to reduce food wastage, everyone should focus on buying only what is needed with the help of a shopping list.

On day four, Eating Right with Benjamin Kheng & Naomi Yeo will feature the couple whipping up a tasty home-cooked meal using leftovers, and how you can reduce food wastage through rightsizing portions.

In addition, SYTWL has 95 other partners, such as LiHO, Starbucks, Greendot. The partners have committed to various actions to reduce food wastage and/or disposables.

Initiatives include prompting customers to ask for smaller food portions, making use of blemished or surplus food, and offering perks to customers who do away with disposables for takeaway.

“Our individual actions can make a big difference collectively, and
contribute to a more sustainable and green Singapore. We hope YEStival will inspire them, as well as Singaporeans, to make simple changes to their daily lifestyles, such as bringing a reusable bag or container when they head out,” said Minister Grace Fu.

Featured Image Credit: Aurastone

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