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The gaming community is booming, growing, and ever-changing, with new developers throwing their gauntlet into the mix every year – from indie games trying to break through, to casino games offering revelers the chance to make a few extra dollars online. In an industry that is already full of gaming giants, it can be difficult to break through the barrier and become a household name. This is where early development marketing strategies come into play. From the early stages to development and completion, startup gaming businesses need to dominate the world of social media to get their message out and amass a following – find out why below.

Spread News

With over 3 billion people across the world having social media of some sort, whether that be Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, it’s safe to say that startup marketing needs to take place here. The gaming community uses social media to find out the latest games, find hints, and search for other players. For new startups, their marketing strategy needs to include a social media initiative where they can interact with influencers and spread news about their new game.

To Learn

With access to the wealth of gamers on social media, start-up companies can use their community knowledge to gain feedback, which they can use to make changes to their games. Even established online casino companies use this strategy to offer unique bonuses and content, which you can click here to view.

Share Exclusive Early Releases

Gamers enjoy being in the inner circle and getting access to exclusive content. When you’re finally ready to release the first version of your game, you will need to release a demo first so that you can gain invaluable insights. Making it clear to the public that your demo will be released free to anyone following your social media pages will entice more people to join your gaming cult. Once the demo has been released, and you’ve received feedback and made appropriate changes, you will likely have numerous followers all ready to buy your game. People who enjoyed your demo will also spread the news to their page, which will kickstart a snowball of followers.

To Gain Funding

Once you’ve got your demo sorted, you may need funds to fix up the game and patch any issues. With your following behind you already, eagerly awaiting the release of your game on the back of the demo, you can create a gaming startup fund to reach the required funds. You should reward your contributors with early access to the finished game and a few extra thank you treats thrown in there. After all, there has to be something in it for the customer.

Breaking into the gaming industry as a startup business isn’t an easy task, with giant names already dominating the industry. To reach billions of potential fans, the best place to start is on social media. A healthy strategy that includes bonuses and plenty of follower interaction is a guaranteed way to push your game to an already established fanbase.

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