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Chinese New Year is a time for family, festivities, food, and most importantly, the annual rollout of CNY advertisements that top each other with their creativity, tear-worthiness, and antics. 

For Watsons and their annual CNY video (a tradition that started in 2016), the goal has always been clear: get your favourite celebrities, combine their powers into one video, and try to delight the masses. 

Do they succeed? I find out. 

Watching Watsons’ CNY ad in a post-pandemic world 

In 2021, the message for Watson’s CNY ad was, “Together, we can go through the tough times better.” 

Now that we’re out of the tough times (sort of), Watsons ad reminds us of things we used to take for granted, starting with the simple act of staying over. 

A literal translation of Jin Jia Sui means very pretty, or very nice / Image credit: Watsons

The main character played by Han Xiiao Aii visits her aunty and asks to stay for a few days, three days before CNY. 

Not only have I not seen my relatives for over a year, I certainly haven’t stayed over at anyone’s home. This got me thinking about my own reunion this year and the traffic we’re all going to face. 

From there, we get into the kung fu of it all with returning favourites Jinny Boy and Amber Chia tai-cheesing it followed by Meeki Ng failing at Wing Chun. The aunty laments that they have not prepared enough. 

What follows is a series of physics and gravity-defying kung fu that are the staple of classic Wuxia cinema. 

The 5-minute video then brings us through the familiar struggle of preparing for CNY and the things families go through to make the reunion meaningful for everyone. 

At the end, the reasons for the constant martial arts training becomes clear and I can definitely relate with the struggles of spring cleaning and shopping. 

Once the training is complete, we experience the full joy of CNY together as the cast show off what their training has all been for. 

It’s not just a roar, it’s a wake up call for us to get back to life as we knew it / Image credit: Watsons

We won’t spoil too much more of it but suffice to say, this video gets you in the mood to get your CNY on. 

Experience the video in full below:

The Grandest #HappyBeautifulYear sale returns as well 

Hand in hand with the launch of the music video is Watsons CNY sale and giveaway with RM2,888,888 worth of prizes to be won. 

This is a members-only contest. If you’re not a member, Jinnyboy will tai cheese you away / Image credit: Watsons

To participate in the giveaway follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a member here (RM10) or make sure your membership is registered to a valid phone number and email address
  2. Shop at any Watsons in-store or online and pay with GrabPay (no minimum spend)
  3. Submit the relevant details along with your receipt number here within the promotion period
These are freebies we can all win. Jinnyboy welcomes all / Image credit: Watsons

On top of the giveaway, there are other freebies to be received as well:

  • RM8.80 discount when you spend a minimum of RM88 instore or online
  • free ang pow packets with a minimum spend of RM88
  • free ang pow holder with a minimum spend of RM88*
  • free limited edition Tiffin carrier with minimum spend of RM288*

Note: The promos marked with an asterisk are available for Watsons Elite members only.

Vouchers for days / Image credit: Watsons

Last but not least, there are many health and beauty vouchers for you to choose from for more savings on these brands. Simply scan the barcode after you’ve met the minimum purchase amounts and you’re set. 


If you’re hankering for more CNY kung fu hijinks from the cast, you can catch them in the videos below highlighting Watsons’ list of festive promos 


RM10 instant rebates with a minimum spend of RM50, and a RM10 voucher.

Watch the video here –
Han Xiiao Aii

Save more than RM168 with vouchers.

Watch the videos here –
Wilbur & Mei Fen

Skincare & Cosmetics

RM8 off with a minimum purchase of RM120.

Watch the videos here –
Amber & Mei Fen

If you’d like to over analyse Watsons CNY ads you may find them here: 2016, 2017, 2018 (a series of 8 ads), 2019, 2020, and 2021

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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