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Since the recent pandemic, companies have started delegating their work remotely. It has completely changed employees’ work styles and led to new vulnerabilities for the company. Due to this, cybersecurity has become a significant concern for every organization, and we have the perfect tool to fix these problems.

This article will help you understand how integrating a VPN can increase your security.

Why Are Remote Workers More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?

Since employees are working from home, they have started getting more complacent, which has led to work negligence and can end up causing a lot of harm to any business.

There are a lot of things that make remote workers more prone to cyberattacks.

Absence of Firewall

When employees work in the office, they are completely secured by a firewall that keeps an eye on everything going in and out of the system. But when these employees start working from home, this protection wall disappears. Hackers are waiting for this to happen to exploit any system by launching cyberattacks on it.

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Insecure Devices

Many employees start using their personal devices to access the system data when working from home. These devices are also used for personal tasks, which means they are exposed to the internet.  Since they lack any necessary protections, hackers can easily infiltrate and load up the device with viruses.

So that the next time the device is used to access the system data, the viruses can easily hop into the system and compromise it.

Usage of Third-Party Applications

Another vulnerability arises when employees start installing third-party apps on work devices for personal use. Many of these apps require storage permissions which lets them access all the data on the device.

If for some reason, one of these apps is being operated by a hacker, this can give him complete control over the device and access to the central system, which can quickly put the whole business in jeopardy. Remember that cyber-attacks spare no one!

Insecure Workspace

One of the most worrying and damaging aspects of remote workers can be their workspace. Since the employees are working from home, their devices can be easily stolen or used by unauthorized people.

It can lead to them accidentally or intentionally leaking the company’s crucial data into the wrong hands. Even though it is a known issue, companies still struggle to implement guidelines on remote workers.

How Can A VPN Help Increase Your Cybersecurity?

Although there are a lot of security risks involving remote working, companies still have delegated their work because of external situations. But this does not mean that they can compromise on their cybersecurity. A VPN can be highly beneficial to you during these times and there are various reasons you might want to use such software.

Strong Firewall

A VPN provides a solid firewall for remote workers designed to protect them from hackers’ unauthorized access and malicious attacks.  If installed on the end of a VPN, it only lets traffic authorized by the user filter pass through. In case installed at the front, it creates a tunnel that encrypts every bit of data passing through it.

Security of Devices

When your employees surf the internet on an unsecured device, it can be easily traced and hacked. It poses a significant threat to the integrity of your crucial data and can inflict severe damages on any business. Indeed, according to Cybercrime Magazine, 60% of SMB close within six months of being hacked.

But when a device connects to a VPN, it becomes completely secure and untraceable on the web. So even if you are using your personal device to access your workspace, it becomes impossible for hackers to track your digital footprints.

Security over Public Networks

When working remotely, there will be many instances where your employees will have to connect themselves to a public network to access the system if there is any sort of vulnerability in the security of their work device. It can be the perfect spot for hackers to infiltrate and take control of your system.

Once you integrate a VPN into your system, you will not have to worry about such cases. It converts every public connection into private and ensures that every bit of data leaving the device is entirely encrypted until it reaches its destination.

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