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Almost all pet owners understand that pet dander is notoriously hard to remove. Not only does it trigger a person’s allergies making it harder to breathe, but some might have a more severe reaction, such as their eyes swelling up. 

Babies are especially susceptible to the issues mentioned above. They also tend to put their hands in their mouths, exposing them to viruses and bacteria, causing them to fall sick more frequently.

The only way to keep all the bacteria and pet dander at bay is to constantly clean and make sure that all surfaces around the house are hair and bacteria-free.

With that said, vacuum cleaners are one of the best tools for cleaning many different surfaces, including carpets which are extremely hard to clean.

As someone who owns 3 furry cats at home, owning a vacuum is a must, but I’ve still not met my ideal model. However, I may have found one that ticks all my checkboxes in the Panasonic MC-SB85KH047. Here’s why.

A brush head that you don’t have to keep picking hair out of

On conventional vacuum cleaners, long hair and fur tend to build up at the brush head and the wheels, which can be disgusting and annoying to clean. Those with long hair (or have family members who do), you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Being the lazy person that I am, I usually let it fester until it becomes a problem. But Panasonic has a solution through its Unique Double Conical Brush Head. It funnels hair towards the middle of the brush head, allowing the strands to be vacuumed without obstruction.

The rollers will funnel the hair to the middle of the brush head / Gif Credit: Panasonic

In addition to better hair management, the MC-SB85KH047 comes with an ion plate within its brush head, which Panasonic claims can potentially eliminate up to 99% of bacteria internally when cleaning. The bristles on the vacuum head also assist in picking up stubborn cat hairs that litter the carpet.

The House Dust Sensor indicates when there’s more dust / Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

Fine dust, on the other hand, is trickier—it’s hard to tell if a surface is genuinely dust-free. To overcome this, Panasonic included a House Dust Sensor that automatically determines whether there are dust particles on the surface that you’re cleaning.

When it detects dust, the vacuum will rev its suction power to pick up the more obstinate particles on the surface that you’re cleaning.

Here’s a quick list of the nozzles included:

  1. Mattress Nozzle
  2. 2-way Dusting Brush
  3. Flat Crevice Nozzle

For all its power though, the Panasonic MC-SB85KH047 is supposedly a rather quiet vacuum. 

If you own cats, you might’ve seen them darting away whenever you start up one of these suckers (pun intended). This is because cats are threatened by loud volumes. If a vacuum is loud for you, a cat can hear 1.6 octaves above the range of a human, so think how much louder it’d be for them.

Hassle-free cleaning of the cleaner 

Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

Instead of relying on disposable dust bags like old-fashioned vacuums, the Panasonic vacuum cleaner uses a washable and reusable dust box that can be detached with a single button press.

When it comes to storing and charging the vacuum, there’s a Wall Mounted Adapter that doubles as a hanger and a charging station. This way, the vacuum will be ready and fully charged whenever you need to get some cleaning done.

Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

As for its charging capabilities, Panasonic claims that the vacuum takes about 3 hours to charge fully and provides roughly 85 minutes of continuous vacuuming. But let’s face it, who’s going to vacuum for 85 minutes continuously? (Unless you live in a mansion, of course.)

But what if something breaks?

Despite all these advanced capabilities though, most vacuums could still be rendered useless as soon as something breaks. Thankfully, the Panasonic vacuum comes with a 12-month warranty, and if faulty, it can be sent to any authorised Panasonic service centres in Malaysia.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner that specialises in sucking up dust and pet hair, the Panasonic MC-SB85KH047 retails at RM2,799 on Lazada and Shopee

However, if you are a little tight on budget, you can browse the more affordable alternatives with simpler features such as the MC-SB30JW147 or the MC-SBV01W147 at the price of RM1,199 and RM699 respectively.

Featured Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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