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Here at Vulcan Post, most—if not all of us—are pet parents. Collectively, we’ve got a handful of dogs, guinea pigs, and at least a dozen cats.

It’s widely understood that we share the same problem: the mess our furry friends make from shedding, messy eating, and toilet-going.

With that in mind, we were curious to see how the Airbot Hypersonics MAX vacuum would fare against the common clutter and litter that our furkids would make at home.

Unpacking the vacuum cleaner

Out of the box, the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is relatively easy to set up. It came with an extensive set of attachments and accessories that will click nicely onto the vacuum’s head.

The attachments and accessories include a floor brush head, dual roller spinning mop with water tank, dust mite cleaning head, 2-in-1 soft brush nozzle, crevice nozzle, hybrid roller brush, extension tube, holder bracket, and charging adapter (not pictured)

Time to clean up our pets’ clutter

With the 2,200mAh Li-ion battery fully charged, we started with the 2-in-1 soft brush nozzle attachment that’s great for irregular surfaces, such as the corrugated cardboard truck toy for Sarah’s cat (she admits she hasn’t vacuumed or cleaned this in a year).

Squeezing the trigger, there was a slight 0.5 second delay before the motor revved up on auto mode to brush out debris and fur stuck in the crevices of the cardboard.

To more efficiently suck up the now detached hairballs, the crevice nozzle did the trick. We watched as the LED display ring on the vacuum switched from red to blue, indicating that the dust has been cleared.

This colourful light indicator is the Airbot’s way of showing that it’s picking up dust particles of all sizes, with readings ranging from 10 nanometres to 500 nanometres, and above.

The LED screen also displays the device’s battery life, maintenance notifications, suction power, and the suction speed.

With the toy truck cleared, we moved on to the doggy bed. 

Attaching the dust mite cleaning head, we vacuumed the fluffy outer layer where the Airbot’s sucking power automatically revved up to a higher speed that goes up to 33,000Pa.

Meet Sitas, owner of the doggy bed

This is one of the Airbot’s key features, its auto-adjust suction. When the vacuum detects minute amounts of dust, it switches to eco mode, and if there’s lots of dust to clean, it automatically goes into boost mode. You can see when it switches modes by looking at the colour changes on the screen.

The LED ring display shows you how the vacuum changes its speed and suction modes through colour switches

Not only did the vacuum work as intended at sucking up hair, dust, crumbs, and possibly even dust mites that are naked to the eye, but we noticed that the mat’s surface got fluffier.

For the flat bottom layer, vacuuming was smooth and didn’t require as much effort. The Airbot’s auto mode likely felt the same, we heard its suction power reducing in intensity to presumably save power.

So that micro particles don’t get circulated back into the air, the vacuum cleaner comes with an E13 HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particulates ranging from 0.3 microns and above.

The vacuum could easily glide on this flatter surface

It’s worth noting that the suction performance of the Airbot may reduce from extensive usage. Hence, the brand recommends replacing the HEPA filter every so often, which can be bought via their Shopee page.

Next, we moved onto the foster kitten’s den. Luna is still a young kitty, she’s yet to learn how to go neatly in her litter box, so there was plenty of spilt litter around her playpen, not to mention some kibble on the ground.

Attaching the floor brush head onto the extension tube, we found that it efficiently picked up the stray hairs and other larger items like stray litter and kibble.

Luna, our foster kitten, sitting prettily in her pen that’s all cleaned up

The hybrid roller brush attachment is great for cleaning carpets, since it has brushes attached to it.

Using it on our colleague’s guinea pigs’ mat littered with hay and food, we turned up the vacuum’s sucking mode to the max via the LED touchscreen.

In the midst of vacuuming, we noticed the Airbot lowering the suction power’s intensity, presumably sensing that it didn’t require as much power as we thought.

That’s a lot of mess made by two guinea pigs, Duke and George

Tip: It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t completely rely on the Airbot to clean up larger particles you’d already be able to pick up and throw out with your hands, especially if you don’t want to clog up the extension tube.

Duke, Fud’s guinea pig chowing down after cleaning was done, about to make another mess.

To wrap up our cleaning session, we used the rotating mop attachment to wipe up spilt water from the pets. With its digital tank that can hold up to 200ml of clean water, it precisely dispenses water based on the amount of dust still left on the floor, enabling us to mop the area efficiently.


Most pets are generally afraid of the loud noises a vacuum cleaner makes. We were quite pleased to learn that the Airbot Hypersonics MAX was rather quiet on its low to medium settings. 

Of course, noise levels do increase when the suction power is set on max, up to 60 or 70dB, according to the Airbot team.

According to one app we used, the sound goes up to about 75dB 

The Airbot would be a great tool to have in any household or office, whether or not pets are in the picture. Weighing 1.1kg, it’s very portable and easy to use, and didn’t strain my arm even after a whole morning of cleaning.

If you have furkids like us, or you’re just particular about having a clean and dust-free home, the Airbot Hypersonics MAX (priced at RM1,199) is a budget-friendly alternative to the usual Dyson range of products. 

Tip: On discount (AKA Shopee’s upcoming 9.9 sale), the Airbot Hypersonics MAX costs RM999.

The device’s warranty will be automatically activated when the product is shipped out. If there are any faulty components, they can be replaced with new parts, after inspections are conducted by the team. 

  • Learn more about the Airbot Hypersonics MAX here.
  • Check out their official store on Shopee here.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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