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Singapore has long been home to a top-ranked education system, no doubt supplemented by the many tuition solutions available in the nation.

Joining this robust landscape back in 2019 is TigerCampus Singapore (TigerCampus), an online and home tuition platform for all ages, from kids up to adults.

Joshua Wong, the founder of the platform, shared that TigerCampus was conceived as an idea after noticing a long-time employee’s passion for teaching.

Wanting to take that passion further, the platform was established with a main goal of making quality education convenient.

He shared, “Students in Singapore have busy schedules, often juggling school and other activities. Online tuition gives both parents and students more control over scheduling because they are able to negotiate lessons with the online tutor directly.”

With that said, TigerCampus covers an extensive range of curriculum: A-Level, O-Level, IGCSE, PSLE, IB, IELTS, SAT (American), SSAT, TOEFL, and GRE.

Beyond that, it also offers coding and programming classes, and pre-university and university guidance with applications and assignments.

A curated selection of tutors from top universities

TigerCampus prides itself on its pool of tutors, who hail from various renowned universities such as the National University of Singapore (NUS), Monash University, The University of Hong Kong, Imperial College London, Harvard University, and more.

Compared to other online tutoring platforms though, instead of browsing through a list of tutors, TigerCampus takes on the task of matching users to tutors.

Regardless of what subject or curriculum you’re looking at on the platform, you’ll notice that your only choice of getting started with TigerCampus is to request a free trial with a tutor.

After that, TigerCampus supposedly suggests the best available tutor to users, but if it’s later found that the tutor doesn’t suit the student’s learning style, they can change tutors at no extra cost.

Image Credit: TigerCampus

Since so much emphasis is placed on its tutors, we had to ask, how are they vetted?

According to its site, TigerCampus’ tutors are freelancers consisting of part-time and full-time tutors, tuition centre teachers, and school teachers, all of who are pre-filtered, interviewed, and assessed.

Joshua added that tutor applicants undergo a thorough hiring process where their technical knowledge on the subjects and syllabi as well as their teaching abilities are assessed.

Beyond a written assessment, applicants are also required to give a live teaching demonstration to the recruitment team, who are trained tutors themselves, and will be further interviewed through a series of questions.

The applicants must also showcase their ability to conduct checks to see if a student is following and understanding the lesson, and adapt their teaching method and explanations based on the student’s level.

Self-paced, one-on-one virtual & in-person lessons

Singapore has no shortage of online learning platforms, with several updated listicles like SassyMama’s showcasing the variety.

As such, it’s a little difficult to find a one-to-one comparison for TigerCampus’ pricing, particularly since some platforms do not disclose their pricing plans either.

On TigerCampus, the plans include lesson reports after every lesson, need no monthly commitment, allow for free cancellation 24 hours or earlier prior to the lesson, and are paid for only at the end of the month.

Image Credit: TigerCampus

Its online tutoring plan can cost between S$40 to S$120 per hour, and it includes a paid Zoom account, while its home tutoring plan costs between S$75 to S$135 per hour, which includes transportation.

Students can choose the pacing of their lessons, allowing them to learn at their own convenience and level.

Aside from the reports after each lesson, tutors will send a monthly lesson report to parents as well, and if the parents are unsatisfied with what they see, they can raise their concerns to TigerCampus to take action.

Additional services for a well-rounded education ecosystem

As TigerCampus makes it clear that every student has their own learning style, it also understands that what TigerCampus alone offers might not be enough for some students.

Thus, it has a few other websites that Singaporeans can leverage for a well-rounded education. These include TigerCampus Snap, which focuses on providing instant tutoring sessions on homework and assignment help requests.

For a clearer comparison, the main TigerCampus platform offers tutoring sessions for a longer term. 

Then there’s also TigerCampus Eddy, which appears to primarily be more of a self-paced revision platform, without tutors involved. 

Image Credit: TigerCampus

Since there are no tutors, tech is used to remember how students study and analyse their past performance for a more individualised experience. 

For students enrolled in TigerCampus courses, Snap and Eddy are free to use, to complement their learning.

Another site under TigerCampus is Singapore Coding Club, which teaches basic coding up to game development and advanced skills in robotics, AI, and cybersecurity, to name a few.

When asked why all these sites aren’t consolidated under the main TigerCampus platform, Joshua replied, “We believe there is a need for each of our sites to exist. Each of them has a different audience and a different purpose.”

“Also for further developments and localisations, it makes more sense to separate websites for each region and service.”

Since TigerCampus’ main site already offers quite the plethora of services, it’s true that having everything on a one-stop-platform may get overwhelming and thus hard to navigate for many.

As it is, the sites have been designed in such a way that learners of all ages should be able to easily find suitable courses and arrangements in order to complement their existing school syllabi. 

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