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A number of the world’s most distinguished sporting leagues have incorporated a range of technological devices into various encounters that are so often broadcasted on live TV, with the NBA being of absolutely no exception, which has allowed the game to expand both on and off the court.

Technology has become a core staple of everyday life for even the most simplistic of errands or amenities as well as shaping various other sectors into the familiar status that they uphold today, with sports being perhaps the most influential industry that has been affected by these advancements.

Various sporting leagues have been affected in some facet by the introduction of technology into their game with some additions being met with greater response than others which includes VAR in soccer and reviews in the NFL.

The NBA has also unveiled its own unique brand of technological advancements which has greatly changed the product that is presented both on and off the court to its wide number of regular viewers with the goal of improving the way the league is presented, officiated and developed to the mass basketball fanbase.

Alongside the more obvious technological feats, there are some new additions that may surprise fans as to how much of a wider impact they have brought to the game as a whole, with further pieces of technology now likely to be introduced in the near future.

  • Wearable technology:

Some of the most noticeable technological additions come in the form of the various means of wearable tech that players often use ahead of games that are so often on live TV.

Players are now often fitted with a microphone during games which allows viewers to hear their favorite names’ reaction and approach throughout a game as well as seeing their overall interaction with their teammates and rivalling players.

This is often a fun and vibrant way for fans to become further invested as to what their team’s top star name is stating during ongoing games, but another piece of wearable tech is now often attributed to monitoring players health and wellbeing.

Players are now fitted with various other devices that monitor their heart rate to player motion which allows officials and medical staff to become greatly aware if there is a worrisome spike in the players internal health.

This has been a welcoming addition to the NBA as it has allowed sideline staff to monitor their players health amidst any potential concerns which can ensure they will seek proper medical care should any issue arise during an active game at the first signs of danger, a great way to protect those star athletes who regularly put their bodies on the line for the fan’s entertainment.

  • VU Sporting Cameras:

One of the best means of improving the overall analytical breakdown of an ongoing NBA game to its active viewers is with the addition of VU sports cameras which focus on measuring the various key facts throughout the game and a player’s approach.

Various essentials are measured and are broadcasted during live mainstream events which can enhance any viewers experience of tuning into an NBA game, especially those who are viewing the live NBA odds on a sportsbook, providing a greater enhanced insight into some of the league’s most celebrated top names’ preferred playstyle.

With these cameras analyzing the video feed at 25 times per second as well as recording individual details as to what is happening throughout the game, this has become a tremendous new addition to the league and gives fans and analysts a chance to witness the top names in action and their projected gameplan of attack and defense.

  • NBA Replay Center:

One of the most noticeable and highly prominent additions to the NBA comes in the form of the Replay Center which allows match officials to watch back some prior events that took place during the game and would require a review by request of other officials or a coach’s challenge call.

It will give officials a much better chance in calling the game as expected and allow less chance that human error will impact the game with the officials getting a wide window to watch the play back and discuss with other referees before announcing their consensus outcome to the crowd via the arena speakers.

There have been many cases in the past where officials made the wrong calls in game such as ‘the Phantom foul’ in Game six of the 1988 NBA Finals or the various blatant wrong calls during Game six of the 2002 Western Conference final between the Lakers and Kings.

Refs are bound to make mistakes during games as it is human nature, yet the introduction of the NBA Replay Center will allow more fair calls and judgements to be given accordingly as well as helping the game avoid any such further poor officiating during crucial moments of an intense contest.

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