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Every year, LinkedIn taps into its data and supplements it with a direct survey of 1000 participants between the ages of 18 and 77 to provide an overview of the job market in Singapore.

Here are its 2024 start-of-the-year findings, released yesterday.

Desire for change

This time, a whopping 86 per cent of respondents are considering finding a new job in the coming year — up by 15 percentage points over 2023.

This is despite cooling labour market conditions with a gradually decreasing number of vacancies, as the Singaporean economy has already reached full employment, with just under 3 per cent of residents reporting joblessness.

Source: Singapore Department of Statistics
Source: Singapore Department of Statistics

Of course, it’s hard to expect that nearly everybody in the economy is going to find new employment (or even attempt to).

Instead, these responses indicate the squeeze caused by two years of high inflation, which added to uncertainty about life costs, motivating people to at least consider looking for a better-paying job.

It is reflected in the survey’s findings, with the top reasons for the desire to make a career switch being higher wages and better work-life balance, suggesting a stressful life with considerable financial uncertainty.

So, which jobs could fulfil at least one of these conditions? Who is the most needed in Singapore?

Well, LinkedIn looked into that as well, updating its list of the fastest-growing jobs in the country, based on the data from the preceding 5 years, up to July 31, 2023.

Fastest-growing jobs in Singapore

Job TitleCategoryJob DescriptionHybrid job availability
1Quantitative DeveloperIT / FinanceDeveloping and implementing quantitative models in financial firms, like investment banks.56%
2Sustainability ConsultantSustainabilityDesigning, implementing, and overseeing green initiatives for clients to assess environmental impacts and drive sustainable practices.44%
3Security Operations Center AnalystITProtect a company’s computer network by monitoring system activity, identifying and responding to threats and patching any system security flaw.37%
4Real Estate AgentReal EstateMatch buyers with properties that meet their needs and help sellers get the best price for their property.20%
5Sales Development RepresentativesBusinessIdentify and establish connections with prospective customers (leads), determining those most likely to make a purchase and passing on their details to salespeople in their organisation.44%
6Business Development RepresentativesBusinessConcentrate on expanding their organisations’ business through finding and developing strategic business relationships, so as to generate new business.31%
7Infrastructure EngineerITResponsible for designing, deploying, and maintaining network and server infrastructure.48%
8Cyber Security EngineerITMaintain the security of IT infrastructure and develop solutions for digital threats such as hacking.47%
9Site Reliability EngineerITCreate and implement automated software tools to maximise a system’s reliability and efficiency.30%
10Back-end DeveloperITCode and build program servers and database functions that form the backbone of a website or application.26%
11Cloud EngineerITManage a company’s cloud-based systems and are responsible for setting it up, ensuring its stability, implementing updates and customising its features to suit end users’ needs.39%
12Data Science SpecialistIT / BusinessCollecting and analysing large amounts of data and then changing it into insights that are useful for business decisions.55%
13Search Engine Optimisation SpecialistITOptimising a company’s website and content to ensure maximum visibility in search engine results.42%
14Investment SpecialistsFinanceDeveloping and executing investment strategies using financial data, market trends, and industry insights.23%
15Chief of StaffBusinessOversee everyday operations and functions between the top executives and other employees to address issues, plan processes and support key projects to meet company goals.46%
16Trading AnalystFinanceSpecialise in studying the stock market and its related fields.8%
17Growth SpecialistBusinessDeveloping and implementing strategies to drive an organisation’s growth and expansion through marketing, sales and business development efforts.26%
18Partnership ManagerBusinessManaging and developing relationships with a wide variety of partners and clients.47%
19Legal ConsultantLegalProvide legal guidance to businesses and individuals.62%
20Environmental, Health and Safety ManagerSustainability / SafetyOversee and review ESH policies, standards and procedures.18%
Source: LinkedIn, Jobs on the Rise 2024.

Tech still reigns supreme

As you can see, nearly half of the list consists of IT-related professions, occasionally needed in a business context. In other words — you can’t go wrong choosing to develop a tech-related skillset, even if your job may not be that of an engineer.

Unsurprisingly, these positions tend to offer the highest degree of flexibility, with hybrid job availability hovering around the 50 per cent mark (i.e. about half of them accept remote work in some form).

Another interesting group of professions to look at is Sustainability, following a growing push by many companies to be more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability Consultant’s entry at no. 2 on the list of fastest-growing jobs may indicate more opportunities in the future, as businesses create more permanent positions to ensure compliance with new laws as well as the expectations of their clients and customers.

The list is completed by more traditional jobs in business and finance, always in high demand in Singapore which remains a hub for these in Southeast Asia (or even the world).

Fundamentally, employers’ expectations have not changed that much over the years, with strong skills in crunching numbers (be it for IT companies or banks) still fetching a premium in the labour market.

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