Five words: Drinking mitts. Bottle opener zipper.

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2014-11-25 11:30:40

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Scratch that, The Drinking Jacket isn’t just a beer lover’s BFF — it’s made for anyone who drinks cold beverages. Notice the pins and needles that run through your hands whenever you’re holding bitterly cold drinks? No matter how much tissue paper you use to cover the bottle, it just doesn’t shield you from the cold. It’s a pain, isn’t it? Well, good news because you don’t have to go through that again.

The Drinking Jacket is so cozy and comfortable, it’s destined to be your favorite hoodie. But, besides keeping you warm, it will also keep your drinks cold! It has a built-in bottle opener, neoprene koozie pocket, hidden flask pocket, drinking mitts, sunglass holder and many other features to make this the best drinking jacket ever! — The Drinking Jacket

Image Credit: The Drinking Jacket Kickstarter page
The many features of the jacket (Image Credit: The Drinking Jacket)

Created by Zane Lamprey, The Drinking Jacket is made from cotton, polyester and Pleepleus® pattern fabric. The Kickstarter campaign may have 27 more days to go, but it’s already achieved its $50,000 goal. Last I’ve checked, it has since crossed a little over $60,000 with 600 backers. If the name Lamprey rings a bell, that’s because he’s the host of Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy and the first ever fan-funded television series, CHUG.

Image Credit: The Drinking Jacket

The Drinking Jacket is a great accessory for mingling at parties. It puts you at ease and allows you to have bucket loads of fun. The bottle opener zipper is very clever and extremely convenient, in Lamprey’s words, you “get back all of that time you’d spend looking for a bottle opener, because you’ll always have one within reach”. Right next to it is a zipper cover to prevent the bottle opener zipper from hitting you in the face.

Another winning feature of the drinking accessory is its drinking mitts. Built into the sleeves, these gloves are slip-resistant and keep your hands warm. If the mitts get in the way, simply fold the cuffs over (pictured below).

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Image Credit: The Drinking Jacket

The Drinking Jacket will undeniably come in handy — take it from someone who has ferociously sensitive fingers. I’m a huge fan of hoodies, and if I’m getting a new one, it’s going to be this masterpiece. I don’t drink, but it works just the same with cold beverages.

It has a sunglass holder and many different types of pockets for your passport, wallet and (gasp) beer. You won’t even need a table since the neoprene-lined beer kookie pocket is able to hold your beer bottle nicely. If you’re a lightweight who gets tipsy after a few sips of alcohol, you might be worried about getting home safely, especially since we’re living in an urban city stuffed full of moving vehicles.

Image Credit: The Drinking Jacket Kickstarter page
Image Credit: The Drinking Jacket Kickstarter page

Luckily, The Drinking Jacket has a reflective logo stamped on its hood. Granted, it’s a tad small but it helps passing cars to spot you. Kudos to Lamprey for coming up with a drinking accessory that keeps us warm, safe and seen.

As of now, it’s available in one colour, charcoal filtered (heather grey). According to Kickstarter, if The Drinking Jacket reaches USD$100,000: “The merlot (heather maroon) will become an option. At $150K the charred oak (heather black) becomes available.” Once the campaign ends, backers will be emailed a survey, for them to select the jacket’s size, colour and shipping info.

Early backers can get The Drinking Jacket at USD$75. 73 out of 500 spots have been claimed, so if you’d like to score one, you should head on over to its official page, stat.

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