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Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced business world often means leveraging the latest technology to streamline operations and enhance productivity. 

Yet, many businesses still struggle with computers that are sluggish, prone to security threats, and unable to keep up with the increasing demands of a dynamic work environment. 

These challenges can hamper efficiency, cause frustration, and even put sensitive data at risk.

To combat these challenges, AI-powered computers, such as the JOI® Work PCs equipped with Intel® technology, offer a promising solution. 

These advanced machines are engineered with intelligent features tailored to address the specific needs of the modern workplace. 

In collaboration with SNS Network, a local IT solutions provider, we explore the benefits of integrating AI-powered PCs into various business operations.

1. Optimised performance

Nowadays, our dependency on cloud-based large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT or Bard is significant for various functions. Although their outputs are beneficial, they often lack specificity as they are developed using broadly accessible public datasets.

On the other hand, AI-enabled computers, such as the JOI® Work PCs, possess the capability to scrutinise data and deliver insights that facilitate informed decision-making within the commercial sphere.

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That means AI PCs can provide personalised responses based on your previous work and preferences, especially when paired with Intel® Arc™ applications like AI Playground

By using such powerful software, the computer can intuitively understand your needs and offer more relevant suggestions when it comes to learning, creating, and enhancing your creative work.

This might be helpful to marketing or sales teams, as they can use these capabilities to quickly analyse customer data to segment audiences, personalise marketing messages, and predict the effectiveness of campaigns.

2. Lower latency

AI PCs are specifically engineered to enhance the performance of AI and machine learning workloads. This specialised design enables quicker and more streamlined processing of intricate AI operations, thereby decreasing the need for cloud-based computing and cutting down on latency.

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AI computers can also manage and allocate system resources more efficiently, ensuring smooth performance even under heavy loads.

JOI® Work PCs come with the Intel® Core™ Processor which works with the Intel® ARC™ Graphics simultaneously for seamless AI processing.

This means those who work with large datasets can use AI tools for data analysis, pattern recognition, and visualisation, with the GPU accelerating computations for quicker insights.

This would be beneficial to programmers running multiple virtual machines and intensive development environments, for example. They can experience seamless performance, enabling them to work more effectively without system slowdowns or downtimes.

3. Heightened collaboration 

AI computers like the JOI® Work PCs come with a special technology called Intel® Deep Link Technology, which is part of the tools under Intel® Adaptix. This technology is found in Intel® Iris® Xᵉ Graphics and helps make the computer’s performance better.

In simple terms, Deep Link Technology allows the different parts of the computer’s graphics system to work together more smoothly.

JOI® Work PCs are equipped with the Intel® Arc™ Graphics Card from SPARKLE / Image Credit: SNS Network

This teamwork enables features like faster video processing (Hyper Encode), better performance for complex tasks (Hyper Compute), smart power usage (Power Share), and improved applications using AI.

This might be helpful to content creation or game-developing teams, as they can use these capabilities to quickly export and maximise their creative momentum, making workflows more efficient.

4. Cost-effective

Ultimately, AI PCs can be more cost-effective for businesses by optimising data analysis and creative workflows from the use of dedicated AI-powered software.

These efficiencies lower operational costs and increase productivity, providing a significant return on investment.

Furthermore, AI PCs are less reliant on cloud computing and storage fees for AI workloads than traditional PCs would demand in a business setting. This can also make them more cost-effective in the long run. 

Ultimately, AI PCs represent a fundamental shift in how our computers operate. 

It’s not a solution to a problem that didn’t exist before. Instead, it promises to be a huge improvement for everyday PC usage.

Offered in four variants, the Intel®-powered JOI® Work PCs are priced between RM3,699 to RM5,899 depending on the specs chosen:

ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5-12400Intel® Core™ i5-12400Intel® Core™ i5-14400Intel® Core™ i7-14700
Motherboard MSI Pro B760M-A WiFi DDR5
CPU CoolerAir Tower Cooler
GPUIntel® ARC™ A380 ELF 6GBIntel® ARC™ A770 ROC OC 16GB
MemoryPerformance RAM 6000MHz, 32GB
System driveGEN4 NVMe 1TB SSD
PSUFSP Hydro K Pro 750W 80+ Bronze
*Prices are not inclusive of Windows 11 Pro, which can be added with a PWP price of RM700
Image Credit: SNS Network

By incorporating AI capabilities, AI PCs not only meet the essential requirements of business PCs but also provide enhanced performance, security, and user experience, making them a worthy choice for modern workplaces. 

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Featured Image Credit: SNS Network

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